80's/90's Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul & Funk Thread





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After hearing Denzel Curry`s amazing RAGE cover, i had to go deep on the dude no homo.
Diving down the new music/old samples rabbit hole is always the most rewarding hours i spend when it comes to timewasting on the internets.

This gem was discovered:

6K plays on spotify. Ridiculous. Like finding a cute local girl in the forest of Bolivia. He doesn`t even have his own page, he shares the artist name of some country singer, whose most popular song, i`m a cowboy, has less than 1K spins.

Shades of Kashif. In case you don`t know about the legend.

Makes me weak in the knees.

Turns out the JR Williams song is from 2015. Wtf.
Produced by and released on the label ran by a Mickey de Grand IV, who is producing for Denzel and a bunch of other rappers.
This is him on the outro from 3:22 :

The Denzel song is hard as fuck and makes me want to go lift rocks but that outro, my lord, only Ye can sample that smoothly. Except i don`t think it`s not a sample, i think he made that shit himself.
Makes me happy we can get that old smooth sound in this modern era of music fuckery.

Del the Funky Homosapien. True underground legend and Ice Cube's cousin. Sad I did not get to witness the 90's in underground hip hop.

Music video is also not bad.


When I think of southern hip-hop of the 90s it's Houston and Memphis to me.

Miami and Atlanta were more known for booty bass back then (outside of Outkast and Organized Noise).

I found some old screw music from the late 90s and this can only come from the H.