80s thread, best of the 80s


So do me a big favor and post your favorite 80's stuff. I'll do the same. I'm a huge fan of the 80s... posting on one of the other threads got me started. Post your favorite 80's vids, pictures and memories here. If you didn't grow up in 80's hopefully I can infect you with a bit of nostalgia from the thread...

The 80's had IMO the best movies/music/shows and just all around creativity which all seemed to die off in the 90s.

Growing up a kid in the 80's, we had all the best toys, cartoons and stuff to talk about... Star Wars had pretty much kicked up everything, D&D was huge so films had tons of fantasy and people were still taking risks.
The first ever movie made with CGI:

and guess what, it kicked ass. Its almost as if the 80's could do no wrong when it came to Hollywood. Guys were heroes not douches and pretty much every girl was hot and feminine.

Can you imagine the amount of work that must have gone into making this movie? Everything looked better before CG... it was just more real... goblins looked freaky as sh1t man... this both gave me nightmares and was one of my all time favorite movies. Pretty much every 80's kid I come across remembers this.

This one gave me nightmares till I was 14 years old. :)

Whenever someone says 'strong, independent, woman' I think of Ripley and Vasquez.



Since posting a guys ass alone would be gay.



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Seen thedude share that pic of Metallica's Ride The Lightning. Gotta share some videos:

And this from ...And Justice For All. They finished this song after one of their guitarists, Cliff Barton, died in a bus wreck while they were on tour in Sweden.



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My introduction to Japanimation. Have been recently watching some hold episodes up on youtube. I would watch this series over and over religiously when I was 8. 30 years later it still holds up pretty well. This series was so far ahead of its time for being something conceived of in the late 70s.


'Miami Vice', one of the, if not *the* greatest series of all time. Don Johnson was extremely cool, before marriage made him fat and uninteresting.

Really miss the times, when in movies men were real men and women real women..