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Dirty Dancing, I mean, common the 80s are so red pill it hurts. The story is essentially about a teenager who gets involved with her MUCH older dance instructor. Were this made today, Swayze would be called a pedo and the roles would be reversed so some old bag and a young guy hit it off.

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How did she turn out to be a dyke??? She's more feminine than most straight women today.



The Racoons was a Canadian show and actually dealt with alot of mature themes despite being a cartoon.

Also for some reason, nobody seems to remember this film... its still part of the Star Wars universe and WAAAAAY better than any of the prequels.

The best doctor who's in my opinion happened before the new series.. now its all gay this and gay that. Great scifi right up there with Red Dwarf, Blake 7 and that Moon base show. I used to get up early to watch all these scifi shows on CBS.

Peck Peck Peck... man movies today have just lost all the 'fun'. Everybody is so afraid of alluding to racism or any other piece of reality... they've just become super PC flicks. I much prefer Willow over LOTR, to me Lord of the rings feels void of any real feelings or imagination... had it been made in the 80s, I think it would have been a completely different movie. I still meet people who prefer the 80's cartoon to the CGI borefest we have today.

Battlestar Galactica when it was cool, action packed and Starbuck wasn't some dike with a chip on her shoulder. Old Starbuck actually went on a Red Pill rant on his webpage about how gay hollywood has become since the 80s. V was another good one, I remember always looking forward to watching TV in the 80s... I could sit and watch Hunter, Matlock, Columbo (70's) and Murder She Wrote back to back now, I couldn't care less whats on TV. It seems to be all about making women look STRONG and SUPERIOR..... even spaceships back then all looked comfortable, like a Miami hotel lobby... the 80s had alot of class.


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Whoa! Man great catch! I had an Omnibot when I was a kid, but it was the scaled down version (mkii).

Back then you could program it with casette tapes - you'd load the casette in, hit record, and then use the remote to do whatever path/tasks you wanted to the robot to do. Then when you rewound the tape and played it, the robot would do it all again on it's own!

At the time, I thought it was the coolest thing ever.

Funny how much technology has changed since then, my first computer as a kid had 4k of memory, and the games were loaded from casettes:



Michael Jackson's Thriller

^^^Looks like they had regular cute chicks to come out on videos, now they just get some stank strippers to appear on videos.

Billy Jean

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Posting this one just to see if anyone else ever saw it - the movie Bad Manners (1984) with Martin Mull. I thought this movie was hilarious when I was a kid- one of my favorites that I never see mentioned. Anyone else remember this flick?


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I think I might have lived in a different 80s because I don't remember half the stuff you guys are posting especially that stupid robot.



Dead show parking lot.

I went nuts over this and bought one in Highschool