80s thread, best of the 80s


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Me and a friend used to go to a club that played this song a lot. We used to change the “jam on it” lyric with “Stromboli” or “Zamboni“.


Believe it or not, there was a time when heavy metal didn't consist of kids with greasy hair whining about "the paaaaaiiiiiinnnnnnnn!!!!!!" or goons in bad Kiss makeup screeching about Satan. If you've never seen Iron Maiden in concert do yourself a favor and go the next time they come around. They put on the best rock show you'll ever see.





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Look at how she spells Amy. I rest my case.

Debguiled has an Aimee Mann grudge and he's been holding on to it for years. This was 3 years ago:

I blame it all on that bitch Aimee Mann.

The degradation of society began with "Voices Carry."

I am in a fight with my boyfriend. What should I do about it? Should I talk with him? Should I break up with him?


My only option is to keep quiet until we are in an audience at a public event, and then to stand up and start shrieking.

This song came out in 1985, and I was still under the influence of my feminist programming from youth, so I watched this video and thought, that cunt, and then my programming kicked in and I convinced myself she was brave, and chastized myself for being chauvinistic.

It's time to let it go.