80s thread, best of the 80s

Looking at all of the music videos that have been posted in this thread, you quickly notice how clean cut and feminine the women were back in the 1980s. Looking at today’s music videos, you really notice the difference. I hate to admit this, not trying to sound like I’m stuck in the past, but I actually miss that time period in my life. It was an amazing time to be around in.

Not just the women.
It was an amazing time because everything laid in front of you, and no options were foreclosed to you. You hadn't picked a girlfriend or wife yet. You hadn't picked a major. You hadn't picked a career. Etc.

As I got older, I started noticing things that I wouldn't do again, and I felt a little regret like you do.

Then you have children, and you get to do everything again - teach your kid to ride a bike, watch them open Christmas gifts, go on their first date, score their first touchdown, etc.

And then one day you are older and you have alll of these cumulative experiences that make you confident in what you do and you are better able to see the value in everything, the good and the bad, yesterday and today.