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Man, some of the drumming Phil Collins did on Robert Plants first two solo albums in 83 was spectacular. Here’s a live version of In The Mood where he adds even more fills.

A lot of people don’t know that Phil Collins was a monster drummer long before he became world famous as a pop singer.

Phil was a major influence on Neil Peart as he relates in this article.





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If you are patient and have some extra time give this one a listen. If not check out the original track from 1988 (linked below). This particular artist has always been evasive about her spirituality but her newer stuff is more overtly Christian. I won't link that here because this is the 80s thread but I find her music to be quite beautiful. Fun fact - it didn't work out but I've read Mel Gibson had originally planned to have her perform the original soundtrack for The Passion of the Christ. Anyhow I pray some of you may enjoy this music & God bless.