9 Signs You’re A Barbarian

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I agree. Roosh is being used by God to bring truth and the gospel to others. To show that someone who has was so lost in the world can be changed through the redemption of Jesus. Though many have tried to trash him even more even questioning his conversion, it's inspiring to see his faithfulness to the Lord. I learn a lot from him. He puts things in perspective for us. Many times the world tugs at us....I come here to be reminded of what's truly important. I'm not Orthodox, but I feel like it does enhance a deeper relationship with the Lord. Someday I might convert. As of right now I do the best I can with my local church that is not woke (thank goodness) and studying scripture. We are in a very big spiritual battle and I pray God can use us to save as many souls before He returns.

Take care!

I can not explain you how much JOY I have to see what is up with Roosh! Maybe I came across as agressive and hatefull, but the spirit within is enable us to even LOVE our enemies, also unbelievable amount of forgiveness and patience....

I know he will be or is allready labeled as a crazy paranoid man (by many)..... hated by many. Recently one guy, whom I pured out the spirit of truth, told me (unconscoisly probably = his deamon) that he WILL / WOULD like to "do the job" regarding me.... You know what Im talking about....

I can say Roosh ECLIPSED Satans Game and "flipped the script". Same like with Jesus.... if the devil would knew what he did and enabled humans the access to eternal life by crufifying "the LORD OF GLORY, he wouldnt even do that. Now Roosh walks around with the "modern" sword, adopted to this new age. If the Romans etc update, I think its reasonable to assume that GOD also updates his troopss with "new weapons"- He has a LIGHTSABER so to speak ;)!

And you know how you "eclipse" the "PUA Game"? SOULWINNING! Now you dont try to pick up women, but to SAVE SOULS ;)! We used to play a Game which cant be won, now we are in a Game where we cant loose anymore...


I enjoy your articles but something is telling me to tell you to put your sex life behind you. It seems like every other article I read about your past hedonistic lifestyle. It's over. And some of the pictures on your blog are triggers too by the way FYI.

Roosh Valizedeh, I'm Christopher of the Kiskanians, and my Armenian family is totally lost to me. It would be a miracle to discover any root.

Anyways, check out these essays on the asceticism of heroes.

Vasily Martian

All of those things mentioned are, indeed, signs of barbarity. I came across another one earlier today when I was watching the MSM news on TV. Not surprisingly, it was just wall to wall coverage about lockdowns (I'm in Australia and we're eating crap at the moment) and having to get vaxxed before you could work. Aside from how barbaric that news coverage was, you have to almost be equally barbaric to watch it without disgust. Anyone who can do so has become so dull, so barbaric, that they're operating on a level that must be the equivalent to eating dog turds and liking them. Imagine what has happened to a person that they could get to that point, and yet millions upon millions of people all around the globe are gobbling this rubbish up without question. That's barbaric, too.


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Before turning to Lord Jesus Christ, I was a barbarian living in total darkness. I thought I was a champion of sex but I was really a champion of delusion. I knew practically nothing about Christianity or even God though I was baptized in the Armenian Church as a child. As God is continued to be stripped bare from Western culture, we will become surrounded by barbarians who know nothing except the trifling daily concerns of modern life and the desires of their bodies. Here are some signs that you may be a barbarian…

1. You think God is a genie in a bottle who must serve you with comforts​


The barbarian opinion of God is that He is a genie who man wishes upon for material comforts, usually money. Since the poor are in greater need of resources than the rich, the “intelligent” barbarian concludes that God is an invention for the impoverished to embrace their lot, not understanding that it benefits Satan to engineer a global system of comfort instead of poverty, for in poverty at least people are reminded of their abject needs and reach out to a higher power. In fact, Satan does all that he can to satisfy your worldly needs because once he does so, you will become deceived that there is no need of God. This is why the most vehement atheists are those whose bodies are in a state of comfort, good health, and easy working conditions.

The truth is that all souls are in need of salvation, whether poor and rich, and as Lord Jesus Christ taught, the rich will find it much more difficult to enter the Kingdom of Heaven because of their riches. Therefore poverty is a blessing given to those whom in riches would have forsaken God and been condemned.

2. You don’t know what Easter (Pascha) is about​


I did not know what Easter was when I become a Christian. I knew it was an important Christian holiday, but my mind associated it more with eggs and rabbits than its real meaning: the resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ from the dead. Through this fulfillment of scripture and Law, our Lord defeated death for all those who call upon His name through hundreds of witnesses who saw His resurrected flesh, proof of the eternal nature of our souls. Easter also reminds Christians of all the pain and suffering that Lord Jesus Christ took on behalf of our sins, that in appearing in space and time as fully God and fully human, He served as the only rightful intercessor between us and God the Father, and by denying his salvific work, we merely crucify Him again.

3. You think all passions and appetites are “natural”​


You want to eat a tub of ice cream. That’s “natural” because you have a mouth and stomach and felt the urge to eat. You want to watch pornography and masturbate all day. That’s “natural” because animals have the ability to become aroused. You want to dedicate your life to accumulating money. That’s “natural” because we are supposed to accumulate resources to impress mates who love money. You want to fornicate with anything that moves, even of the same sex. That’s “natural” because all bodily holes can yield physical pleasure.

Barbarians confuse capability with God’s plan. I may capable of murdering men, but doing so goes against the Commandments as given to me by God. His intent for our souls is to manage our appetites, detach ourselves from worldly pleasures, and have heterosexual sex only within the confines of marriage. Barbarians love to brag about their accomplishments as they exalt themselves before other humans, but the second they want to justify committing carnal sin, they are quick to compare themselves to the dogs.

4. You believe it’s important to have a “sex life”​


Barbarians are obsessed with sex. Not an hour goes by in their life that they’re not fantasizing about it, planning for it, scheming for it. They look at the sliver of flesh between their legs and say to themselves, “This is what I live for! Unless that sliver of flesh is rubbed up against someone, I will be unhappy and miserable from a lack of sex life!” If barbarians get sex, they’re happy for a moment, and when that moment ends, they become sad and try to have sex again. If they don’t get sex, they think their life is bad, and begin a crusade of anger against the opposite sex for not giving them the sex they think they deserve.

With an obsession for sex comes an obsession with the body. Everything about it must be fussed over, examined, and optimized. Every hair must be in the proper place. The most visible muscles (chest and bicep for men, butt and legs for women) must be targeted with the most rigorous of bodybuilding programs. And then when the body ages, and it is apparent that the sex life will be hurt, it’s off to the doctor to pay for hormone therapies and plastic surgeries.

5. You think the point of fasting is to improve your bodily appearance or health​


In the secular world, the only time you hear about fasting is when someone is trying to lose weight or get rid of “toxins,” because wouldn’t you believe that when you get older, your body starts to degrade on its way to death. Fasting in such a manner is always done for worldly gain, and I’ve known a few men who tried to sell me on this fast or that while going on about antioxidants.

In the Orthodox world, fasting is done to build a closer relationship with God. Anything which you’re attached to in this world will block your faith, as the “daily bread” in the Lord’s Prayer is not only literal bread but spiritual bread. Eating much less than you are able teaches you that it’s not even food that is most important in your life, of which you’d certainly die from lack, but faith, of which a lack would lead to eternal death.

6. The first person you reach out to when sick is a medical doctor​


Orthodox Christians believe every illness permitted by God is given to us for our spiritual benefit. I may not ever know the specific benefit, but illness is one of the most useful tools in God’s toolbox to bring people to repentance and make them contemplate their salvation.

When a barbarian is sick, they rush to the atheist doctor, hoping for all manner of drugs and vaccines to cure them, but as a Christian, I rush to the prayer corner. God allowed this sickness to happen for a reason that only He knows, so I will seek God’s counsel through prayer to endure the illness and—only if necessary—seek out the care of doctors whose healing abilities have become more influenced by money and global politics than actual concern for my well being.

7. You’re trying to be “the best version” of yourself​


Barbarians think of themselves as a blank canvas that needs to be improved upon instead of as a creation of God—with flaws and all—that has been fully endowed with the required physical, mental, and emotional abilities and strengths to be saved. Many barbarians take the blank canvas metaphor literally by covering themselves with tattoos and other mutilations, thinking that they can improve their aesthetics to those with the same delusion. Others take the route of self-improvement and change the entirety of their lives, including all their thought and behavioral patterns, to become a master in one exceedingly narrow domain, like making money or getting laid, yet all that these changes accomplish is making you the most grotesque version of yourself. The further you are from God, the more grotesque you become, and the punishment for your calculated and sleazy journey to become someone you’re not is that when the worldly benefits all dry up, you will not even want to look at yourself in the mirror.

8. You’re fallen for numerous globalist lies, if not all of them​


Barbarians are a puppet of their oligarch slavemasters, falling for most of their lies. To my great shame, I fell for many lies, including casual sex, fame-seeking, urban Cosmopolitan living, being attractive through personality and physical changes, alcohol, caffeine, and seeking “experiences and memories” through travel. If money can be made through sin, a big business that is supported by an oligarch is not far.

If someone does not have God in their life, they’re susceptible to falling for the biggest lies, and who is in charge of the lies today but the princes of this world, who know that the further you are away from God, the more likely you will be their slave.

9. You hope for a better life in this life​


To the barbarian, tomorrow will be better. They will gain more in life, have more sex, conquer something new, attain more power, and from these achievements all their problems will be solved. They believe today is just a waystation to a more glorious earthly future that will come from their own intellect and effort, but what actually happens is they become dopamine chasers, pursuing pathetic bursts of a neurochemical just to get through another hour due to the lack of God in their life.

I have no hope for this life. We are steadily descending into hell, approaching the moment when the Antichrist makes his appearance and we Christians will wish to have instead lived in the time of Nero. My only hope is that I will maintain my faith until the very end and go to Lord Jesus Christ ready to be judged. Everything else is simply a trial of faith until my time here is finished.


I was a barbarian in every respect of this list. I was a 39-year-old man who didn’t know what Easter was, who didn’t understand God’s saving plan for humanity and decided that I knew all there had to be about the world and how to save myself. I don’t need to remind you that my plan led to internal misery, of hovering over the abyss. I was suffering, grieving, and spiritually dead. Turning away from the darkness of ignorance, I decided that I did not want to be a barbarian anymore but a child of God, and thankfully God answered.

I look back at my barbarian beliefs and habits and cringe that I was so foolish, but such is our delusions when we worship ourselves or false idols. We don’t need to read the history books to study the barbarians—we are surrounded by them, stifled by them, but we must not let these hordes disturb the faith we have in our sweet Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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Interesting how you compared Genie to Satan. It is. From what I heard about in Islam, 'Genie' and 'Djinn' are synonymous and are evil entities. I guess in the movie, 'Aladdin,' the protagonist is calling a demonic entity to grant his wishes. No wonder there is a Disney version of this movie... They make it seem nice when there really is a sinister meaning behind it.


A better title would be "how do you know you are just like a dog"--living to satiate every desire and urge you have.
As far as your Eastern Orthodoxy? Not buying it for a variety of reasons.
Study the Word(that's the Bible) for a few hours every day Roosh and give the Eastern Orthodoxy PR that they're "the true Church and only Way" a break for awhile and you may come to the truth.


I enjoy your articles but something is telling me to tell you to put your sex life behind you. It seems like every other article I read about your past hedonistic lifestyle. It's over. And some of the pictures on your blog are triggers too by the way FYI.


Just out of curiosity. What is yours and the churches possition on mental health and mental illness. Especially because of abuse and trauma?
We have met the enemy and it is us. Walt Kelly
Akita I have watched amazed that the fruit of this tree of false doctors is always bad yet we still eat it. Psychology is a pseudoscience that prescribes medications that change brain chemistry, experimented and failed through electroshock, lobotomy and lately brain chemistry altering SSRIs and the widespread use of big pharm solutions to God given individuality for profit. Young boys who do not act like girls are given of all things amphetamines. I can't help but think that since no one vetted these charlatans and they have never documented a single case of a brain being chemically imbalanced and they have become Americas go to profiteers for muffling anyone who is not a clone of the ideal consumer in this land where corporations who Princeton proved are the only people under the constitution capable of satisfying our self serving whores for corporate financing, who lie and say they represent our best interest when Princeton University demonstrated their is zero correlation between the polls and the actions of our senators and congress people. Corporate controlled media and Biden hypnotize us with the word democracy and stimulus check handouts that directly accelerate inflation when we sell T-bills to other countries who must balance their budget and pin their currency on the dollar forced to buy our T bill debt to support their own currency it is only a short time before the New Silk Road brings back the age old craft of grass skirts and wigwam, bread and circuses as our leaders put their faith in money -Quem Iuppiter vult perdere, dementat prius (literally: Those whom Jupiter wishes to destroy, he first deprives of reason -- Jupiter being the fallen angel lord of this world king of the demons that we invite through moral relativism and sexual dualism posses the unjust.
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So let me get this straight. I who have survived a few very bad incidents in life (I'm choosing not to go into detail). Which I needed help to deal with and get my head on straight. By me getting help from a licensed professional, and to get myself straighten out. According to the church and everyone elts, what I've done was a sin, wrong, and evil? Is that what I'm to understand? ok. ? Thanks for letting me know.


I enjoy your articles but something is telling me to tell you to put your sex life behind you. It seems like every other article I read about your past hedonistic lifestyle. It's over. And some of the pictures on your blog are triggers too by the way FYI.

Personally, the message taken from the articles written with descriptive past hedonistic lifestyles help to lay an understanding of the severity: his past sins. Past sins were the behaviours prior to accepting Jesus Christ in life; repenting * past sins are part of working out our salvation - and are part of the story / testimony.

The commonalities of Christian testimonies embrace: Jesus Christ our saviour (John 14:6), the new life in Christ (Jeremiah 29:11), the confession of our sins (1 John 1:9).

Christian testimonies that tend to be inspiring are the ones that, unfortunately, leave scars (not literally) .
Similar to physical scars our past behaviours over time will heal , but the spiritual scars (memories of sins we have repented) are our reminders we need to continue to work on our salvation while in this world.

Definition of repent

intransitive verb
1: to turn from sin and dedicate oneself to the amendment of one's life
2a: to feel regret or contrition
b: to change one's mind
transitive verb
1: to cause to feel regret or contrition
2: to feel sorrow, regret, or contrition for