9 Things I Learned About Montgomery, Alabama

100% correct. My old friend from high school had stopped her wedding for the iron bowl kickoff and the bride/groom & family+friends watched the game then continued the wedding afterwards when some flight/weather etc. delays to the original scheduling of the wedding happened. We don't play when it comes to Alabama/Auburn football down here.
In the 80’s a mall Santa in Anniston was fired for telling a child that he wouldn’t be receiving any presents because he was wearing an Auburn shirt.
I loved the segregated South that I grew up in. America was so much better for the vast majority of all ordinary Americans, before outlawing prayer in public schools, Civil Rights Acts, 1965 Immigration Act & legalized abortion. Yes, there were problems, but the "fixes" have made things even worse -- especially worse for the 90% white population that existed before all these changes. I feel sorry for the white young men who fought & died in WW2. Their sacrifice was for naught.
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The 50s are a surprising run-up to the 60s and forward. Things that happened in the 50s:
--Move to suburbia. Huge uprooting of people, social disconnection
--Correlation: suburban alienation leads to female agitation
--TV. Imagine sitting around watching TV eating TV dinners. Great family time! And here come the Boomers.
--Correlation: parents who were worn out by growing up in Depression and WW2 abdicated child-rearing, leaving it to the TV
--Cold war neuroticism: duck and cover!
--Crass materialism. The booming economy, "science", and the disastrous effects of rootlessness on religion
--Correlation: Jews rise and "shine" in a materialistic society, because they can deliver the goods. (Jew dominance is a symptom, not a cause)

There's a lot more but the 50s were America's Indian Summer: appearing OK but fake and the storms are coming.

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I will say that the sportsball fetish is yet another victim of the coovid cough. I have a friend who is a rabid Alabama football fan and he no longer has interest in going to games and is having difficulty selling his season tickets. Only a good thing if you ask me.

I dont really care about sportsball, but yeah when the lockdowns changed it from a social event to just another form of entertainment you watch from your house, foozball is finding out it is having trouble competing with all the other boob tube and internet stuff, and foozball games are very long and have lots of commercials (the BLM angle is probably another factor).

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"enough to scare off any white liberal"
Seriously Roosh? I ask respectfully if you could please remove that part. It only perpetuates negative stereotypes about European-Americans.