A Question For Children Of Divorced or Separated Parents

Were you & your siblings divided after parent's separation?

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If you had brothers & sisters, did you and your siblings remain together, or were you split up with the parents?

I ask, as the latter occurred for me & my brother, aged around 9 and 11. I went to live with my mother, my brother stayed with my father & his new girlfriend & later wife.

I was chatting with him a while back about it, and he said 'how many people do you know who similar happened to?', and i stopped and thought about it, and it seemed hardly any.

So i was just wondering how uncommon that was with a largely sample size.


I suppose mine does not count at all, there was no physical separation between us. However, I do think that it was the start to a decaying brotherhood.

I do have childhood memories of us wrestling and general toying about, but it practically all stopped when my step-dad had stepped into our life.

Perhaps my memory is skewed and biased due to my situation with my step-dad, but either way it is undeniable to say that my current brother situation is far from lack luster. One has turned to communism, the other is nominally Catholic (which saddens me that he doesn't take it seriously. Guess I can't judge tho). And even my middle brother who is nominally Christian, and who had redpilled me on all of this, we still hardly chat due to state boundaries. He jumped ship for a job a year or so ago.

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Actually, my brother and I bonded over our shared hatred of the divorce. It was like our parents did not care about our concerns, so we cared about each other more.

Edit: thought you meant a divided relationship not physical separation, we were not physically separated.