A real-life 'Hunger Games' is coming to Russia


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Brace yourselves...


May the odds be ever in their favor.

A group of people from around the globe has agreed to take part in a real-life “Hunger Games” — competing on a controversial new game show in Russia where fighting, rape and even murder is allowed.

The deadly contest, dubbed “Game2:Winter,” will be held on a remote Siberian Island in the Ob River and broadcast worldwide on the internet starting in July, according to the Siberian Times.

The 30 participants — who include an ex-military man from South Korea, a student from Sweden and a self-described “professional blonde” from the Russian Arctic — have all signed a release of liability for injury, as well as death waivers, in addition to agreeing to not hold the organizers accountable if they were to commit a crime during filming.

An earlier rule, which has since been removed after sparking outrage online, stated that the contestants would be able to do whatever they wanted to survive — which is ultimately the main objective. Stay alive until April 1, 2018, the Times reports.

“Everything is allowed. Fighting, alcohol, murder, rape, smoking, anything,” the rule said.

On Monday, organizer Yevgeny Pyatkovsky insisted, though, that the producers wouldn’t intervene if something sinister were to happen while the cameras were rolling.

“No we won’t,” he told the Times. “I am pretty sure there will be fights, and more. We are not scared of negative reaction if that happens, either … This is the raw Siberian taiga: Anything can happen, and we might not be on time to solve an emergency.”

During the game, players must forage and store their own food in order to survive the winter months. Once the cold weather hits, they will need to learn to ice-fish through holes cut in local lakes and ponds.

The contestants will be made up of 15 men and 15 women, from various parts of the world. They will only be armed with knives as they brave freezing temperatures, bears and other dangers associated with Siberia, the Times reports.

“There will be a ground team on duty, and one or two helicopters for emergency situations,” Pyatkovsky said. “Having said that, bears can run as fast as 60 kph [37 mph], and our two thousand cameras on the island would not be able to cover every centimeter of the forests.”

Like the famous dystopian book and movie franchise “Hunger Games,” players will be filmed by cameras that are set up remotely across the island.

“We will not intervene into relations between participants nor monitor their sexual life either,” Pyatkovsky told the Times. “They are free to form any couple or union, and there is no limits or rules regarding sex. If a woman falls pregnant — and manages to carry the baby — that’s fine with us. We will show the baby after the project is over.”

After their arrival, contestants will be tasked with building a house or shelter and be provided with winter clothes, tools and fishing gear. Later on in the game, they will have to track down a group of “criminals” who will be released from a nearby jail, Pyatkovsky said.

“The task will be to catch the criminals, and whoever does so gets a prize from a sponsor,” he said.

Pyatkovsky’s project had been in the works for several years before finally coming to fruition, he added.

“There is nothing like this show in the whole world,” the Russian explained. “No one has done it as a real thing where people will actually have to use every skill they ever gained, social, physical, psychological, to survive.”


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If this isn't stopped, it is going to be very popular. A modern take on the gladiator games! It will probably be censored or banned on the major media streaming platforms as well.


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“We will not intervene into relations between participants nor monitor their sexual life either,” Pyatkovsky told the Times. “They are free to form any couple or union, and there is no limits or rules regarding sex. If a woman falls pregnant — and manages to carry the baby — that’s fine with us. We will show the baby after the project is over.”
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Man + woman = Sex...therefore, good for TV ratings in Russia.

It would be interesting to know if it show in North America via satellite TV. :lol:


In the hunger games, the game went on until there was only one survivor remaining.
Yet in this event, all you need to do is survive until it ends.

So how bad is it on the island that people will need to resort to murder just to survive?
Not many people can pull off the whole lone wolf act, most will resort to forming a small group to survive.
I don't see anyone murdering anybody unless there was some sort of incentive to reducing the competition.


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Honestly, I am skeptical about it because the article seems to provoke reaction and attention. Allowing "murder" and "rape" on a TV show sounds too snuff-like and crazy.


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I am quite sure that some people are already making money with this stunt, like the local oblast officials, and that the FSB has an eye on this. It has been reported multiple times in RT.

If something out of the ordinary happens, like a murder or attempted murder, the FSB will crackdown the area and stop the show, though this will certainly be another survival show, with the "murder and rape allowed" publicity stunt.

Meanwhile it is possible to vote in the participants of the show here. I have noticed that besides Russians, the other candidates are mainly from Brazil, Argentina, Spain or even from Portugal, some Chinese too.

Just saw now the profile of a fellow Portuguese guy...

Hello my friends, my name is Saulo Pereira. I´m Portuguese and I live in Viseu and I’m twenty-six years old. In this time I´m a Marketing Student and Graphic Designer. My hobbies are playing chess, reading, travelling and learn languages. I can speak spanish, english, french and understand little dutch. I have a spirit of adventure, courage and endurance and love help my friends. I want to test my body to the limit and prove that ican survive all kinds of temperatures. I also like mythology, primarily Celtic Mythology. I also like to read about Middle Ages, it's very interesting. Vote for me.

All I can think is....what about lifting, martial arts, army experience, even boy scouts experience??

What a nerd... He got my vote! :wave:


Even if something like this were to take place and there were 15 men and women, you would have some real shit take palce from a small number of them. Women would be taken as prizes and/or shown real equality.

I doubt it would happen. They may get it legalised in some form but the world will not tolerate it.


Fake news.

Rape, Murder and so on will not happen in that show.

However, the story is not true. Yes, the entrepreneur Yevgeny Pyatkovsky from the Russian metropolis Novosibirsk is planning a TV reality show called "Game2: Winter", as he confirmed the "world". And the volunteers are actually to be suspended in the Siberian Taiga, where they are supposed to be on their own.

But the fact that murder, manslaughter and rape are tolerated, even wanted by the organizers, is as unrealistic in "Game2: Winter" as it is in other reality formats - such as "Big Brother" - said organizer Pjatkowski: This is just mischief. "

"Not a single journalist called me and asked me if it was true," says Yevgeny Pjatkowski.