Accessible Live stream rig for church community

I got pulled in last minute this morning to help my church boradcast its Sunday service on zoom.

I have supported the church as an offsite zoom host through the year but today was my first time in the church.

We have a very particular set of circumstances at the church, zoom may not be ideal but the elderly, rural congregation have been able to embrace it as a platform and it has been used for many different functions.

After taking over this morning and having to utilise a laptop which was big enough to knock out an elephant and enough peripheral equipment powered by spotty usb lines, my wife and I have decided to donate a set up to the church which is easy and simple to use for zoom services etc. And to help our vicar who is fantastic but under funded by the dioces.

I don’t want the best but I want the most robust new easy to use.

I was thinking:

- iPad 10.2“ 2020 (has a 3.5mm audio jack and usb c), running zoom and utilising its camera

- RØDE VideoMic GO On Camera Microphone, connected and powered by the 3.5mm jack

- iPad mount with top mount for the mic

- tripod

I will also purchase a phone mount and a lightning jack and usb c jack for the mic to make sure if the iPad goes down some in the congregation can step in with another smartphone/tablet.

Again I appreciate this isn’t the most technical set up but I think with some basic notes laminated any one can run this set up and get ok/equivalent results to what I had to battle with today?

p.S. due to rural location there is always someone offsite acting as host to curate the zoom services, also my church is 900 years old so I can’t run data cable Willy nilly
Thanks, apologies for duplicating threads, my aim is for simplicity of use for an elderly congregation. Single source video, audio and hosting. Ideally minimal wires etc.


If it's single source you can try an all-in-one solution with the microphone on the camera (like the MEVO). Only issue is that the camera has to be placed close to the speaker to capture good sound. If a camera in the front of the congregation is too unsightly, and you have put it in the back, the layer of complication will greatly increase.

My church has four distinct audio sources. We use a total of five microphones (some wired and wireless), an audio mixer, and a camcorder. They all plug into a desktop computer and run Streamlabs. To do this will requires a lot of technical knowledge (that you can learn via YouTube etc.).