Adele loses 100 lbs and obese women go crazy


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I am late to the party, but a few things written in that article here make me absolutely crestfallen for how far things have devolved and decayed in our culture.

"An unrecognisable Adele...". BS. She has the same face, and is entirely recognizable. She's just thinner. This is just a passive-aggressive comment that fatties make because they know no one would ever buy the "she looked better before the weight loss" comment, so they imply that instead.

"My body looks similar to Adele’s ‘old’ body. Medium sized. Plump." False. Adele was previously obese and so is the author. Anyone looking at old Adele and current Ms. Reid would say "obese". That's just objective reality.

"Back when she would arrive at awards ceremony, a size 14/16, wearing a beautiful beaded gown and industrial quantities of eyeliner, I felt a kinship with her." The left loves to talk a lot about "toxic fandom" and "fan entitlement" when it comes to pop-culture. This is precisely that. It is toxic to feel kinship with a celebrity when she is fat like you, because it makes YOU feel it is ok to stay fat. It is also toxic, and entitled to feel that there is some kind of "social contract" that the celebrity should remain fat so YOU feel better about yourself.

"But Adele doesn’t look like me, or the average (size 16) British woman anymore." If the average British dress size is 16, things are getting worse than I thought. I suspect that is correct, sadly.

"A particularly hard message to receive at a time when so many of us have gained weight in lockdown." This is the most disappointing statement of all. "So many of us" means the author. No one is forcing her to get fat while on lockdown, she is choosing not to adjust her activity levels and eating habits knowing she won't get as many steps in a day. It's a rationalization and excuse, and a bad one at that.

It's a profound indictment of our collapsing society that THIS tripe is published in response to someone losing almost 100 lbs and likely prolonging her life. The Western World would rather exist on comfortable and totally destructive lies than helpful truths.
Well, she finally came out and said how she lost all the weight: the ‘sirtfood’ diet. It’s similar to a Jenny Craig diet (low fat, low cal), but it relies on some plant protein that helps you burn fat.
Normally when people do this sort of thing, they lose a ton of weight, but then they gain it all back, like the contestants on The Biggest Loser. Some of them end up worse than before the show. Its good that she took action, but she’ll probably rebound soon.
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