Adina Rivers YT Thread



Been following "THINK BEFORE YOU SLEEP" YT channel, and he commented on this thot who was "exploring", stepping out on her long term live in BF. And, the BF seemed to OK with it!!

A week later, she posts another YT video:

Only Maury Povitch could find out who the father is, but, of course, she wants to see her abortionist buddy for #3.

WARNING:. women like this are very common, so look for red flags, which are numerous in this harlot's case.
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I like how shes listed as German, yet has middle eastern eyes and the name Adina is kosher/halal.

Her cuck is named Oliver....which is somewhat common in the north of Germany and the French boarder region. Even though he looks like he should be on a raft trying to sneak into the UK this time of year.

Also the last name Rivers, assuming that the real last names strikes me as odd. Typically German last names follow a specific hierarchy in how they are constructed. Please view the following link for info on what I am talking about. Click Me

And finally, the little bochling's name is Jonah, and it all makes sense........either ashkenazi psyop or larping northeast african.
Is she aware birth control technology exists? And so now a child she created may die because she was searching for pleasure and happiness at any cost? And now she is teaching that there is no right or wrong in this life! Really?!!!! Considering the state of her existence, she should not be giving out advice to the general public. Oh, and that is what people are saying over and over again, in the YT comments section of her video.

I'd really like to see what her husband looks like, and hear his side of things...
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