Adobe Power 7 Udemy deal - 7 for $7

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Jesus the guy sounds like he has lung cancer or something, I dont think I would be able to sit down and seriously learn listening to a voice like that.

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Thanks NY Digital! Great offer! Bought it on the spot even if I have my plate full at this time, you never know when this will come in handy.



I hesitated on buying this course, since Dreamweaver screams "outdated" to me, but there is enough variety for the $7 to be worth it.

I've started on the Photoshop one. His lessons have a bit of an improvised thematic nature, and he tends to repeat quite a few things over time. I usually get annoyed at this, but in this case, it seems to reinforce prior points. And he makes sure to tell you what the keyboard shortcut is whenever it's available (which is one thing he repeats), which is great since the pros know the shortcuts.

So, if you want something with more structure and covers all the technical features, then it may not be the best course. However, $7 for 7 courses is cheap as hell, so you can't really go wrong.

Guy appears to be a nice guy too. He says he's been working with Adobe since the 1980s, so he's pretty credible. He dropped info that he's being paid over $100,000 for a project that's going to take him 6 weekends to complete. He also sent out a couple of announcements where he offered to help people find clients for free (he does 100% of the marketing). With the amount of money this guy is banking, I guess this guy can take some time to help others out.
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