ADVICE NEEDED -- GF was potentially a master manipulator


AKA, you're willing to overlook red flags to FORNICATE with a woman.

As someone here said already, if you want to "help victims", there are plenty of legit channels to do that. Easiest way to do this is through your church (Preferably Catholic or Orthodox, not prot or some cult as your ex gf was)

I used to think this way too, I "felt bad" for broken women and wanted to "help them". But when I woke up and took the God Pill over a year ago, I realized that all I wanted was easy sex/fornicate with these women because broken women are extremely easy and have a high libido(because of past abuse). Please, be truthful with yourself and realize you don't want to help just want to fulfill your lust. You are a complete slave to your passions and you are rationalizing your slavery by saying how "bad" you feel for some girls. Admit to yourself that you are just looking for easy sex because Sex for you is not easy to come by. When the chance to fornicate does come to you, especially in the form of a steady stream of a "relationship, aka a fornication partner, you become that person's slave, but most of all, you become a slave to sin...

Before I took the God Pill I played the role of the "older guy" in a similar story, but due to my already fortified pro-life stance sex never happened. So I just enjoyed the attention and company of a young woman who obviously wasn't single, but I avoided buying her gifts, as the transaction wasn't based on physical intimacy.

However once she figured me out, she quickly moved on. So I can confirm: It's not the "older guy" who desperately wants to get intimate, it's her to gain control. And I can also confirm: Leaving the bedroom out of the story removed 90 % of the hassle. Back then I was just doing what I thought was to the most sensible thing to do with a woman at peak fertility, reducing the probability of an abortion to zero. The notion of sin wasn't even known to me.
You can't be captain save a ho. There's no reward for that.

The occult stuff is not good. She's damaged and will have to find her way to God. No parents is a bad thing. There's not way to spin it as a positive, and it would be bad in the future if kids were decided on... They'd have no grandparents. Do you want a family that's essentially doomed from the start?

Move on. You dodged a bullet.

People are taken advantage of get a warped perception of reality, and they filters through everything they do. It's not something easy to unlearn, and it's usually something that does not get unlearned.

And if you're left asking "who benefits?" with the Sponsor guy. The answer has gotta be: him. There's always an expectation of something in return.
I'm sorry dude not trying to knock you here but I see multiple layers of delusion in this.

Met a very charming lady at a night club about a year ago. We spent the evening dancing and exchanged numbers. We spent the following few months casually dating. She seemed very wholesome. Even dare I say it, traditional...

Night club, casually dating... there is a spiritual fallacy that thinks that this has a good chance to lead to a lasting relationship. Why would she want to stay with you and live a calm and peaceful life is she's clearly after the dopamine, the new new new, the things of this world? It's just an illusion dude, it doesn't work. Especially to incorporate the notion of she seems traditional in this.... it seems to me that you're leaning on two legs here, first of all you want to live the material secularistic life, on the other hand you want to have a commited partner and maybe more spiritual depth in your life (although the latter is an assumption). I would invite you to consider the path that you're on and lean more towards Christ, for He is the only one who will bring you peace (and a girlfriend with secular values will only bring you distress...)