Afeni Shakur -- Mother to Tupac Shakur

It also caused a sensation, when it was revealed that 3 of the founding members of the group had been undercover police officers. What was stranger, is that some of those officers, seemed to have been unaware that there were other undercover agents in the cell. They were also the most active members of the group. "We had to organize everything," one of the undercover agents explained in the trial. "Because everyone else in the group was off doing what they called, 'their own ----.'"

Shakur chose to represent herself in court, pregnant while on trial and facing a 300-year prison sentence and had not attended law school. Shakur interviewed witnesses and argued in court.

One of the people Shakur cross-examined was Ralph White, one of the three suspects that actually was an undercover agent. White was someone whom she had suspected all along of being a cop, since he had been inciting others to violence. She got White to admit under oath that he and the other two agents had organized most of the unlawful activities. She also got White to admit to the court that the activism that they had done together was "powerful, inspiring, and ... beautiful". Shakur asked Mr. White if he had misrepresented the Panthers to his police bosses. He said "Yes". She asked if he had betrayed the community. He said "Yes."