Afraid for my gaming buddy/ trucker buddy

The Resilient

OK a little bit about me...I'm a truck driver & former mmorpg gamer nerd loser and want to see my friends do well .

So I've encouraged them since they both have their commercial driver's licence and drive at the guys company as a super solo-team to make more money to do better with their lives. They're both former drug users/addicts... with the guy being clean 10 years, and the woman clean for 3 & neither have relapsed and I don't get the vibe either will at least while they're on the road together.

We met in WoW, and back in 2019 we even hung out together. I just feel like she's holding him back from making more money. They stop their drive clicks every day at 1700-1900

(Unsure of what drive clock is for us truckers,...? read this here) or watch this :

and no later to play video games which i don't have an issue with... but their choice of vidya is MMORPGs.

I personally can't get sucked back into MMORPG gaming again because of the deep time investment & escapism you have to commit to to benefit from the genre (i fear that would be an idol between me and
Jesus Christ so I refuse to )

I fear she has a more codependence on video games since WoW was one of the ways she got clean. He'll play madden and other pick up and drop vidya games but she's the only type to play MMORPGs.

I noticed this yesterday when I pointed out that I was going i try to play another very in depth MMORPG they were playing unbeknownst to me how in depth and time investment requirement it was and she seemed like a zombie on the phone getting a fix. He never seemed that way when I talked to him when he played vidya.

I am just afraid of 3 things :

1) He's being held back by his fiancé who's still got a very addictive personality.
2) Once she gets off the truck with him as just a passenger she'll go back to drugs destroying his heart in the process.
3) that ACTUALLY she's refusing to super-solo as a team to bump their pay up because of her addiction to MMORPG gaming.

He'd essentially be driving full time and her part-time...

What do I do here to express my concerns without being an annoying Andy?

Sorry @MichaelWitcoff don't get Conan, that game is too in depth, i shouldn't have recommended it :laughter:

I am looking forward to ZEALOT .. if there is coop we should link up on there


I just forsee my buddies fiance being a potentially bad influence for him is all, and I'm not sure how to express it to him without ticking him off

You won't be able to express it without ticking him off is the truth of it all.

I've struggled with mmorpg issue myself and I stay away from them as well. I never got a chance to meet the people i spent many hours playing the game I played with like you did but I would say if I did I would speak my mind to them if I was in your situation. The worse that can happen is he rejects the notice and you move on from there. You cannot control others even if you have the best intentions.

I wish you luck because actual friends are hard to come by.

The Resilient

Why doesn't one person drive while the other plays the video game? They have wifi in those trucks, don't they?

Nah, most companies don't. Us drivers usually use our mobile hotspots. But yeah that's what I was suggesting at first but I think she doesn't wanna work part time . She'd rather just sit on a truck and chill. She's got her CDL and everything too which bewilders me, cuz she talks big game about how she can "drive like the rest of them" and she's got a year experience driving too. I think she's just being mostly lazy now and would rather get him to play video games with her and her online friends when he gets done with his drive clock. If there's a "poop test", he's failing hard.
You won't be able to express it without ticking him off is the truth of it all.
That's what I'm thinking. This may not be my place to say anything at all.
I never got a chance to meet the people i spent many hours playing the game I played with like you did
Yeah, that's a perk of being a former gamer turned trucker i guess.

The Resilient

It can become an obsession, which prevents us from bettering ourselves.
Funny thing is, I was more of a casual competitive gamer before I got into MMORPGs .

After that, it was "game over" for my social life from 19-28. All I could do after work every day was thinking about what level or what in game items I was going to get for my established online fake definitely wasn't pretty. I survived a year of my life by selling an in game currency to online brokers when I was unemployed though... so there's that at least .

And, oddly being in an online gaming group was how I got involved in trucking the second time.

I considered it seriously the first time in my early 20s like my paw-paw did (then l decided I'd rather work a minimum wage job and play vidya).

Now the thought of me being that cringey nerd guy disgusts me. I'm grateful every day for my orthodox parish and for brother @Roosh sharing his testimony about his return to orthodoxy which inspired me to get into it myself, that's more fulfilling to be a part of than some online gaming community