Alternatives to Corporate Products

Coja Petrus Uscan

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This thread is for suggesting products members could buy as alternatives to corporate products for consumers, e.g. every razor-blade and razor in the shop made by proctor and gamble (sic) or shelf-after-shelf of heinz (sic) high-fructose modified maize.


Ben and Anna -

This company is a bit soy, but it's not p&g. The products don't have a strong scent, but otherwise do the job. And the scents are more masculine, leaving you smelling like a forest (Nordic Timber), rather than some sort of chemical bleaching agent.

Availability - Europe


Edelwhite -

Free of fluoride etc.

Availability - Europe

Desert Essence -

Free of fluoride etc.

Availability - US


Ever mix up your own mustard? Get a tin of Coleman's mustard powder. Mix some of that with a few drops of water til you get a thick paste like spackle, let it sit for about 10 minutes, then mix in a little salt, vinegar, oil, whatever else you like. You'll never suffer from clogged sinuses again.


Shaving Supplies & Men's Grooming (.ca for those of us in Canada).

Company I use for my shaving needs. I switched to using a safety razor a couple years ago and will never go back to the pathetic big corporation offerings you see in most stores today. The disposable razor blade market is a complete ripoff.

The initial investment in a good razor, brush, bowl, soap, etc. will cost you a bit up front, but I've saved that amount many times over as the years go by, and supported a lot of smaller, independent businesses and suppliers along the way.