Alternatives to police. Technological control grid?


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With the defund the police thing becoming more popular, I have a sneaking suspicion that we might see the politicians offering up an Orwellian technological control grid as an alternative to the traditional police force. Regardless it seems like we are moving into something like this.

Basically how I would envision this control grid to be, is that you would have a national or universal digital identity, and this identity would be connected to a Chinese style social credit system, which companies like Facebook and Google have probably already been developing internally.

This social credit system would be powered by artificial intelligence and big data, inputting data from smartphones, CCTV cameras, government and other sources. Kind of like how a credit score for loans is calculated, except much more complex.

Your social credit score then determines your rights in society. Be a good boyo and your score is high, then you get more rights. Behave badly, then your rights are stripped away, and you have to do "woke" stuff to increase your score. That's essentially how it works in China, which I believe to be the model for the future world government.

The system would also require a cashless society, which we seem to be moving toward with credit cards, digital payments etc.

Coincidentally or not, we have the ID2020 project which is attempting to create a blockchain based digital identity for everyone on the planet. They are starting off with refugees and the homeless population of Austin, Texas. Microsoft supports the ID2020 project btw.

On top of this Bill Gates of Hell wants to get the coronavirus vaccine to everyone, and create digital immunity passports. Perhaps this can be combined with ID2020 digital identities? Two birds, one stone.

Then there's talk about the "Great Reset" at the World Economic Forum, they mention the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which is all about the Internet of Things, self-driving cars, 5G/6G/7G and digitizing everything, as well as more global governance in the face of this latest pandemic.
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It's far easier to just have your ApplePay account disabled or enabled at various tiers, than it is to call in government enforcers to chase you, write you tickets, or put you in their jail with free room and board. I suspect this is the future.

I was shocked to read that China has already used their system to deny *millions* of tickets on public transport, to those deemed "bad".
It is basically impossible to travel by air anonymously, so such a system could be implemented in the US quite easily. In fact, the TSA express lines have already created a group of "elites" who are more "trusted" than the other group of travelers who are forced to remove their shoes and be body scanned or groped.

They could easily ban cash and say that it's dangerous to use it because it might transfer coronavirus, and then your ability to purchase things would be entirely at the whim of those running the credit system. And they are already using such systems for social control:

The interesting thing will be to see what kind of groups will fight or opt out of such a system. The Bruce Willis film Surrogates had a group of nature-loving normal people who resisted the control grid.