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Trump is gone anyway. His voter base wanted a change. It was never going to come completely anyway. Hopefully a new candidate appears, but it will be hard without financial backing. We all agree that the Republican party is a joke at this point. If I lived in the US I would still connect with Trump supporters and then later assess if they are cuckservatives or genuine conservatives. A lot of people are waking up.


Oh hey, Charlie Kirk is...never mind.
White Replacement Theory,” also called “White Genocide Theory,” is this strange nonsensical notion that certain collections of powerful groups or individuals—typically identified as being Jewishare orchestrating a strategy to mix white races with other races of color to ultimately eliminate “whiteness” as a race. This anti-Semitic tripe is taken seriously only by non-serious people and by people who want to find ways to accuse conservatives of saying and believing things they never said and don’t believe.


Oh hey, Charlie Kirk is...never mind.
I didn't read the cuckservative's article. But I'm trying to make sense of that part. He's criticizing cancel culture but he disagrees with Tucker's white replacement theory?

With friends like this who needs enemies? I forgot who said it (maybe it was Fuentes) but conservatives are only 10 years behind liberals. I think 5 years from now trannies will be socially accepted and pedophilia will be the next boundary to break.


Tolerance = Ceding of Power, always. Anyone who wants you to be tolerant of something that isn't Christian, is asking you to negotiate a timeless morality that doesn't change. Jewish interests are antithetical to Christian interests. LGBTQ is antithetical to Christian interests.

No more Tolerance; anytime someone asks you for Tolerance outside Christianity, that's an immediate major red flag.


This 15-20 minute interview with a man who grew up in a lesbian household is well worth a listen. He speaks to how homosexuals network.

Lauren really stirred it up in the past week with CPAC, Rick Grenell, and other Con Incers who are pushing the degeneracy envelope. Trump's promotion of many of these people makes him a double-edged sword.

They want to blame pedophilia acceptance and the push for hormone blockers on children on Trump when the left is guilty of all the recent in vogue sexual perversions?

This is clearly a psy-ops, a leftist projection of their degeneracy. Notice all of the other issues they discuss in the video - acceptance of increasing demographic change, near socialized medicine, "equal pay" and other leftist talking points.

I don't know who this slut or the ex-faggot are, but they're leftists pretending to stick up for family values to tie Trump to pedophilia.