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^ From ACLU page:
Update: After this comic was published, the government made some reforms in response to a federal court ruling that the process to challenge inclusion on the No Fly List is unconstitutional. The government has now committed to telling U.S. citizens and permanent residents whether they are on the No Fly List, and it established a revised redress system. Those reforms, however, are not enough. The government still refuses to provide meaningful notice of the reasons our clients are blacklisted, the basis for those reasons, and a hearing before a neutral decision-maker. We’re still fighting for our clients’ due process rights. Read more.

Picture this: You arrive at the airport, full of good spirits ahead of a work trip to visit to a client. You wait in line to check in for your flight, but when you reach the counter, you’re told you won’t be able to board. Suddenly you’re surrounded by security guards and hauled off for questioning, with everyone gawking at you. You learn that you’re banned from flying – INDEFINITELY – to, from, or over the United States, even though you’ve never been charged with a crime.

You’re not told why. And there’s very little you can do about it.

That is the reality of the No Fly List, a secret government watch list being challenged by the ACLU and its affiliates in Oregon, Southern California, Northern California, and New Mexico. To help illustrate the unfairness and devastating human cost exacted by the No Fly List, we enlisted the talents of award-winning comic artist Jen Sorensen.

Share the comic, and read on to learn more about what’s being done.


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It's interesting that The Us is stepping up both its Caesarian system and its alt-left system at the same time. Even though they are broadly opositional as far as humble normies would be concerned.

I think there are only 1 or 2 passport-holders that can enter The US without prior authorisation. The EU and the Anglosphere can enter by applying for authorisation online. Then the rest of the world has to have visas ... unless you are a potential Democratic voting block and beating stick coming over the southern border, in which case you will be given a red carpet.

You can't bring any organic (living, not necessarily clean) food into The US, including by plane. Yet the population is the most bloated, unhealthy on earth. It is allegedly to stop viruses. Sounds racist. How long can this last? As long as The Democrats control all institutions and can just make up, ignore, gaslight, highlight, twist whatever they want.

"Systemic racism and police brutality" are most prevalent in inter-decade, Democratic super-majority cities.

Disgusting, entitled pension rackets prop up fat government lackies in states that blather the most about the poor.

The Democrat Party is The Roman Empire gone gay.


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Richard Grennell Dodges Questions From Christian Conservatives, Aided By USC College Republicans​

Video appears to show any question critical of the LGBTQ movement being deleted in real time.

A few weeks ago, when social conservative college students in California attended a Zoom Q&A session with Former Director of National Security Richard Grenell hosted by the USC College Republicans, they found themselves not allowed to ask him tough questions about social conservatism and the proliferation of LGBT politics and policy in the Republican party. When some dared to ask these questions, they found themselves kicked from the zoom call.

In clips from a video recorded by an attendee who’s a member of the College Republicans, it appears questioners were silenced and removed from the Zoom call for asking questions on these issues. “It was so controlled it was a joke,” one attendee told National File. “They deleted questions we asked from being displayed and outright refused to even bring up anything other than softballs,” despite the fact that that the event was marketed as an open Q&A opportunity.

The attendee provided videos that appear to show their comments being removed in real time, only for them to eventually be removed from the call. After the attendee rejoined, those hosting the Zoom call refused to explain why he was removed.

Grenell, who is reported to be considering a run for California Governor, has a history of attacking social conservatives in his pwn party for their views. Several weeks ago, he attacked former US Senate Candidate Lauren Witzke for her open opposition to LGBT ideology permeating within the Republican Party. Additionally, many conservatives have accused Grenell of helping to cancel America First hip hop artist Bryson Gray for his commitment to social conservatism and family values.

The USC College Republicans are part of the California Federation of College Republicans, an establishment GOP group that broke away from the more pro-Trump California College Republicans in 2019. Thus, having Rick Grenell speak at an event hosted by such a group as the USC CR’s is rather telling as to where his loyalties lie, as if his blacklisting of real social conservatives was not proof enough.

Some of the questions asked included the following:

“It has been widely agreed by political analysts, that the forces which carried Donald Trump to victory in the 2016 election were the incorporation of voters which felt previously alienated from electoral politics. These new voters were mostly working-class poor white men who are economically populist, hawkish on immigration, and socially conservative. Seeing as how your most recent thrust into political influence is a direct consequence of the Trump victory, isn’t your using of intelligence authority to promote homosexuality and transgenderism not completely contradictory to the views of the base that allowed you to have that job in the first place?”

“A fundamental position for conservatives is supporting traditional marriage and the nuclear family. Recognizing that Gay Marriage, transgenderism, and other LGBT policies degrade and are mutually exclusive to traditional values, how can you say that you are a Republican and a conservative?”

Grenell did not acknowledge either question. In fact, National File was told no actual audience questions were taken, according to publicly displayed ones documented by the attendees. The USC CR’s did not respond for comment.

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Idaho, West Virginia pass anti-Israel boycott laws​

Both US states approve legislation that bars public companies from doing business over $100K with firms that don’t explicitly oppose BDS​

*BDS = Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions, a pro-Palestinian movement to cut Israel off

JTA — Idaho and West Virginia have joined the growing list of states that over the past several years have passed anti-Israel boycott legislation aimed at outlawing businesses that support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement.

The bills passed this week bring the number of states with similar laws to 33.

Idaho’s Anti-Boycott Against Israel Act states that public entities cannot do business over a total of $100,000 with companies that do not expressly oppose the BDS movement. West Virginia’s bill stipulates the same.

“The State of West Virginia has an economic and a humanitarian obligation to denounce and reject the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement against Israel, and to prevent the state or any of its instrumentalities from contracting with companies that engage in the movement,” the measure reads.

Since 2015, anti-BDS laws have gained momentum, but also hit bumps along the way in the form of high-profile critics who argue the legislation hampers free speech. In 2019, the US Senate, then controlled by the Republican Party, passed a bill by a vote of 77-23 that gave states legal cover to continue to introduce anti-BDS legislation.

Some states and specific institutions have found themselves embroiled in free speech lawsuits over the laws.



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Excellent rhetorical analysis in this Unz article:

Mark Steyn Lies As Naturally As He Breathes
A Master-Class in Mendacity on behalf of Zionism and the ADL

Big bad goyim corrupting Jewish rubes

As I’m sure Steyn himself won’t need telling, two trusty weapons in the armoury of the perverted discourser are suppressio veri and suggestio falsi. In the first, you mislead by suppressing what is true; in the second, you mislead by suggesting what is false. Steyn used both in his article. Here he is skilfully wielding suggestio falsi: “Jonathan Greenblatt, the Obama hack who now runs the Anti-Defamation League, demanded that Fox fire Tucker.” Steyn is falsely suggesting, first, that Greenblatt is an essentially minor figure corrupted through his association with the big bad goy Barack Obama; and second, that Greenblatt has in his turn corrupted the formerly pure ADL.


The author really went off the deep-end with this one. Writers on Unz are routinely incredibly astute observers of politics and society, but many days they convince themselves of utter quackery. The Unz website almost always reads best when the words “Jew/s” and “Jewish” appear sparingly or not at all.

This article is rabid and full of hyperbole. The author nitpicks and draws out things about Steyn’s psyche and intentions that are either just not there or can only be described as very wild conjecture.

If your words are not carbon copies of what Steve Sailer or Ron Unz or others want to hear, you are beyond redemption in their book. Believe it or not, the ADL has been in a deep transition for some time. The ADL of yesteryear would never have been caught dead doing deals with the Nation of Islam. Now it seeks the approval of cheap Nation of Islam substitutes like Ilhan Omar. Whatever criticisms people may have of it, it is in the midst of an existential crisis, just as Israel is.

A reminder of how the ADL used to approach these issues:

They cannot be taken seriously if they backtrack on the Nation of Islam specifically but they have done so in other ways by sucking up to Omar and those of her ilk. Again, she is just a two-dollar store stand-in for them.

Steve Sailer and Ron Unz frequently remind me of Bobby Fischer. All received phenomenal intellects but seem to have suffered from a sense of self-loathing that started early on. Unz and Fischer were/are Jews but Sailer was adopted, so I am not sure how to fully perceive this apparent insecurity in relation to him. Unz, like Fischer did with courting various anti-Zionists in his day, chooses to overcompensate and go all-in on the Jewish cabal cliché to receive kudos from the likes of Daily Stormer readers.

Some perspective: The Jewish population of Israel just hit under 75%. Netanyahu has had to have four elections in two years because enough Israelis keep wanting to vote for parties that think the Palestinians are all cute little lambs and/or want Western-style polices that push feminism, globalhomo, and even the beginnings of mass migration.

Recently, globalhomo types have even been protesting Netanyahu and Likud. Israel is facing huge sociopolitical problems on par with the Gentile West.

The Israeli political spectrum is a joke. The battlefronts are everywhere - the traditional Ashkenazi versus Sephardic/Mizrahi divide, the secular Zionists versus Likud-style Zionists versus religious Zionists versus Haredi anti-Zionists versus secular anti-Zionists divide, the conservative Likud versus conservative Naftali Bennett-type (largely personality-driven) divide, the even weirder Soviet Union/CIS immigrant versus non-Soviet Union/CIS immigrant divide best exemplified by Avigdor Lieberman’s ongoing beef with Netanyahu... I could go on and on and on.

I wrote this in the attacks on Asians thread but both Asians and Jews do well in White societies. Unz and Sailer have been really poor at understanding how Jews in both Israel and America will fare terribly when White American Evangelicals start to really disappear and support for Israel evaporates. They do just as badly in grasping the lucky dip assortment of Israeli politics and how that system has been buckling under the pressure for years.

In the UK, the weight of Muslim votes means Jews have become far less prominent, to the point where anti-Semitism did become an issue under Jeremy Corbyn.

The idea that Muslims are not a threat to Jews, especially when Whites regularly enable baser Muslim behaviors (think the recent capitulation in Batley over the Mohammed cartoons), is laughable.
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You said he went off the deep end and the article was full of hyperbole but didn't give any specific example. Oh well I guess that's a matter of opinion

The idea that Muslims are not a threat to Jews, especially when Whites regularly enable baser Muslim behaviors (think the recent capitulation in Batley over the Mohammed cartoons), is laughable.

I'm confused, wouldn't that mean whites should be afraid of Muslims if they're the ones provoking them? And who brought the Muslims there to begin with?

My concern is not of the Jewish nation nor it's state but of the elites who are exerting influence and pulling the strings behind closed doors. Those privileged few have an agenda that is completely divorced from politics, and I can assure you they are absolutely unafraid of Muslim and Christian alike.
I think Pedro is correct and this is something the America First young men (not the fake America First Trump organization) should pick up the mantel and run with. Support defunding the police. Let the inner cities rot afterwards. Those from the inner city who come to the burbs and rural area will not be protected by police when they attack your families. You can actually defend yourself.