American Airlines pilots strike ahead of summer travel season


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That airline, never liked them. Overpriced Among other things


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Great for these pilots. The open border elites have destroyed almost all private unions in the USA, on their path to destroying the middle class.

I know an American Airline pilot. Since COVID their job has been hell on earth. If more people knew how sleep deprived their airline pilots were, they would rent a car and drive. During COVID they put a lot of their pilots of furlough. Once things opened back up, these pilots either found other jobs, or had to catch up on training and are slow to bring back on board. The CEO makes over $10 million a year, and gets bonuses, while taxpayers are forced to bail them out, over and over.

The pilots work super crazy hours, at times not landing until 3 AM, due to layovers, and then turning around and flying out at 7 AM. They have "on call" days, where they only work if they are called in, which is almost always every single "on call" day post COVID. So, they are often left with only 5 or 6 actual days off a month. NYC is one of their headquarters, and the pay, while good, isn't enough to get many of their pilots to move there. So, when they finally do have off time, many will have to try to catch a flight back home, and then leave the next day or two to fly back and go back to work. The guy I know is often home only 2 to 3 days per month. Another 2 or 3 days traveling from headquarters back home. And every other day that month is spent working.

These guys are very underpaid and overworked and the CEO, who I can't tell if he does anything at all, rakes in all the income with his C-team.


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Walking the jet way to board a plane now




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