American Chicken is an Unhealthy Food


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Good share, OP.

In addition, modern chicken is high in PUFA as they're all fed soybean oil:

If you're taking the "no seed oil challenge" and seeing no results, it might be all the chicken and pork in your diet.


The biggest portion of my income goes to food, especially meat. I prefer to buy quality meat over quantity. Better to eat 150gr of free-range bio chicken filet for each of my family members than huge portions of low quality garbage. Good thing is in Switzerland we tend to like small portions of food but with top quality (and ridiculously high prices...) then for examples the germans, which tend to eat like a pig on a farm (sorry but it's true). The average german guy loves to save money on food but throws it away on unnecessary things. I don't know how the American culture is now, but my gut says you are similar to germans.