Americans Allowed Entry Into Europe?


A good friend of mine has been planning to come to Europe (Spain) for semi-retirement for several months now. He applied for a Spanish visa and eventually was given one with a starting date of October 1st. In late August he was horrified to learn that the EU is once again restricting entry into the EU for Americans. The reasons for that are not clear but it probably is a tit for tat move as the Biden administration has once again made entry into the U.S. difficult for Europeans. South Americans and Haitians however are just fine.

Anyway, the whole thing is terribly confusing for him and apparently he's not getting ANY help from the Spanish consulate. Have any of you guys traveled or do you know anyone who has recently traveled from the U.S. to Europe and in particular to Spain? What airline did you use and what was the procedure? Any difficulty making it past customs and immigration?

What I am trying to figure out is whether or not he should simply risk flying over here as the realities on the ground often do not reflect what is being reported in the mainstream media.


Spain is probably the one EU country that pays zero attention to those immigration laws. A know a bunch of people that came here from the states or Canada and overstayed their tourist Visas by over 6 months but had to pay zero fines and were immediately granted new visas when they applied a couple of months later.

He could probably just try to come over. But there are no guarantees of course.


I highly suspect he will be fine if he possesses a Visa. The vaccination restriction is for "non-essential" travel, ie tourism. If you are a "resident, student, or worker" then you are permitted to enter with either the vax, or negative test, or proof of recovery:

I just went through this a few weeks ago although it was for France, not Spain. But the rules are the same here - if you want to come as a tourist, you have to have the vax. If you have an "essential reason," residency being one of them, you can enter with just a negative test. The airline asked for my negative test before I got on the first plane in the US. Customs in France also asked to see it, even though it was just a print out of an email from Walgreens, and in English. They glanced at it long enough to see the word "negative." Of course they did want to see my visa.

Spain may have their own extra requirements, for example it looks like you have to present a QR code generated from the Spain Travel Health website:

But generally I think the rule is more or less the same throughout Europe - visa holders are residents therefore they can enter with a negative test.

Not legal advice, do your own research, etc... But I'm betting he'll be fine.