An Old Man's Story

I was sitting outside of a coffee shop today waiting to play some music with a friend for open mic night. There was a good amount of people there and I didn't know any of them. I saw an older man sitting alone with a guitar and he initiated a conversation with me about music. We talked for a little while about music and then somehow the conversation topic turned to Christianity and God. He told me a story about how he was addicted to crack cocaine in the 60's. One night when his wife and kids were out of the house, he got extremely high. When they came home his wife told him that one of his friends had died of a crack cocaine overdose. He then said he was so overcome with emotion that he got on his knees and prayed to God to help him with his addiction. He said that he has been sober ever since.

This story was really inspiring to me because it made me change my thinking about my walk with God and the idea of God in general. I used to think that living your life according to God's will was harder than living according the world's will. I used to think that by living my life for God, I was choosing a challenging and difficult path. This old man's story made me realize that it is easier to be healthy than to be sick. He was living an unhealthy and hard life when he was living in sin. When we live by the world's ways, we are sick. Sin damages us and living in sin is not an easy thing to do. I have come to the conclusion that when we put our faith in God and live our life for Him, our life becomes easier and more enjoyable to live. I am definitely going to start viewing my personal relationship with God as a way to make my life easier, as opposed to more challenging.

Any comments about this topic or even stories like it would be a much appreciated help.


This is exactly what happened to me over six weeks ago, have had an issue with gambling for decades, not crippling but harmful and depressing. Had a really bad night and as usual felt sick the next day. I had this idea to just say "I choose to live in God's kingdom" and pray each morning. I realised I was making bad choices, and had to find redemption I did not have to put myself under massive pressure and start making good choices, all I had to was stop making bad choices. If I made a bad choice I would lose the right to live in the kingdom. Anyway, I tried it, and ask God to protect me, fill me with his infinite wisdom,, watch over me, and in return I would make a conscious choice each morning to occupy his kingdom, stop making bad choices and hopefully, in the future I could have a positive influence on other people, once I was ready. Have been peaceful and chilled out ever since, not even the slightest urge to do anything stupid, just happy to live in God's kingdom now, feel like I am part of something eternal and truthful, not harmful. I see the world as filled with miracles and blessings, I understand that people who do not have faith and who make bad choices are living in purgatory, just one step away from peace, but they are stuck and do not know it. I don't feel better than them, I don't feel any hatred towards them, I don't want anything from God, I just want to see the world for what it truly is, paradise.