AntiFA Thread


- and Fox news covers it too. That's great this needs all the coverage it can get.

Over the years I have met a lot of teachers that work at the local grade school level, high school level and professors that teach at the university level and the one thing that I noticed about a high percentage of them is that they are hard core leftists. They use their positions to promote their leftists views on their students to advance their political beliefs. They were all very open about this.


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Saw this thought-provoking comment posted on ZeroHedge:

The original article:
"Black bloc" and "Antifa" are not Anarchists. They are government provocateurs.

they have NGO financial backing and some top organizers are Intelligence agents. Many lead organizers are )ews. But like all paramilitary/irregular armies, there are many true believers. These true believers range from alienated rich kids to homeless drug addicts. Antifa is a lint screen of malcontents and untermensch.