Any job ideas for a 30-something with no degree or trade skills

First of all, you should get to know yourself. What are your qualities? What are your pitfalls? What is the value you contribute? Eventually everything is about value. Value and scarcity, if you can do something and there is limited supply yet high demand, that's where the opportunity is. Speaking for myself I did a burger flipping major as I studied political science. It's nice to have a broad knowledge base, however what is valuable is niche knowledge, specific knowledge. Hence I did a traineeship in my mid twenties in information management, which is on the verge of business and IT. So you're not programming, but you're thinking about how to structure information, how the interface of systems should look like to benefit the user, how to store information, archive it, make sure information laws and privacy laws are implemented, these kind of things. In the Netherlands there is a huge shortage in this field so the traineeship helped me to gain the experience and knowledge to launch a good paying job I have now. If you're interested in digitisation I would urge you to check out this field and especially traineeships in your country of origin. Expect low pay as a trainee, but after 1 or 2 years your contract expires and if you've gained knowledge, skills and preferably a bit of a network you have good chances. Your age shouldn't matter, I saw many people in their late twenties early thirties getting into this kind of traineeship, as they wandered around for some years with worthless study backgrounds usually. Good luck.