Are all friends opportunistic in their friendship?


Orthodox Catechumen
Hollywood is a horrible frame of reference for anything, except maybe how to avoid alien hunters and get to the chopper.

In my experience, friendship is location + lifestyle based. If we aren't living similar lives in the same area, all that remains is occasional catch up chats, spaced further and further apart, and swapping memes, at best spending some time together when we happen to be in the same city, or one of us joining a group excursion. That describes every friend I have from 10-20 years ago, including people that I was close to for years, shared homes with, helped out in tough times, and faced down prowling urban hyenas with. In the past, people tended to live in one place their whole lives, or move around with a somewhat constant group (nomads, armies/navies, merchant caravans, immigrant communities relocating en masse, etc). It is relatively new for people to move around so much as individuals, in such disconnected social environments as modern cities.

My two oldest friends, from primary school age, are strangers to me now, both are lefties and degenerates. I would still talk to them for old times' sake, but they stopped replying to my yearly greetings at birthdays / Christmas many years ago, and I gave up sending them.

I did have one friend who stepped in between me and a guy pointing a knife at my belly, so that the knife was right up against his guts. He then talked the guy down, who was blubbing on the sofa about what a mess he was within ten minutes. I later lent this friend about $600 to help him deal with a living situation that was driving his girlfriend crazy. Didn't help, she dumped him anyway. When I asked him for the money back a couple of years later, he was back home caring for his elderly parents - they had divorced decades prior, but one of them got dementia and forgot, so they "remarried". Sweetest darn thing I ever heard. He was earning very little money because he could only work part-time hours, but he proposed a payment plan. I said nah, we're good. So I can say I had one real friend in this ramshackle life.