Are men or women easier to lead?

Are men or women easier to lead?
Wow, that is a good one. Since women have a biblical role of submitting to their husbands, and from observation during my life, I will say that women are easier to lead. I think God made it to be able to work this way, but of course, sin has corrupted everything. I think men may find it a little more difficult following rules and regulations as we would rather set the rules and maybe, generally, don't like being told what to do.

I don't know. Just trying to chime in.
In today’s society full of simps and gamma males, you would think males are “easier to lead” while today’s female is stubborn and hesitant to follow a male’s lead.

Mr Freedom

Generally speaking Women are easier to lead, especially introverted women.

When I used to follow the ways of the old forum most of my success came from meeting introverted women and initiating plans with them. In fact that's where most "instructors" said they got their results.

Extroverted Women today are more of a chore to lead but still doable. Extroverted women were not always rude mouthed entitled bitches. In the olden days they would conform to societal pressures and eventually settle down with an Alpha partner who would take control.

Nowadays with all the hordes of Simps/Betas/Gammas overpopulating Western Civilisation they are less likely to settle down. Of course they have a chad boyfriend but he is more a "tamed chad" and they seem to have a new "tamed chad" every 6 months. I used to talk to women like these (during my old ways) who used to have a habit of jogging in the park but the amount of effort one had to put in was not worth it. You basically have to surrender some of your masculinity and play a game to score and I was not going to agree with that.

I was always red pilled when it came to the opposite sex. Even in those days. Whenever I see a woman try to take control or act masculine I always feel a bit uneasy. Just something that does not sit right with me and never has.

Anyway the answer to making women easier to lead again is to reestablish the sacredness of marriage and giving birth. Once this is done we will be on the way of returning to normalcy.


Women are naturally more submissive/passive/"pushed", and men are more assertive/active/"pusher"; this is true not only anatomically but also psychologically. So, it would seem women are easier than men for men to lead.