Are People Going Insane?


Was in London recently too - those people are much more far gone than the dutch, the media has done a good job terrifying the pea-brains entirely.

Same thing is in Romania since about 2005. Obviously, not with coronavirus but with almost anything suitable.


I feel for a lot of you guys who have to witness this rubbish on a daily basis. Seeing everyone masked up around me would be utterly depressing. I’ve recently moved to a small town in Australia with a population less than 5k, about 800km from any type of big city. The only time I am reminded at all of the virus is when I have to ‘check in’ somewhere with my mobile phone. I realise how lucky I am and I hope you all have the strength to keep persevering.
God bless!
Thanks Big Poppa!

The thing that really trips me up about where I am is that I live in a similar situation. I live out in the country, very far from a major city near a town of 3800, yet people are masking their babies and jogging with masks in the cold winter!!! Generally, country people have more common sense, but where I live so many of the "country people" are just yuppies from New England who wanted to live in an old farmhouse. I've always been aware that I live in a liberal butt hole, but this is the first time in the last 18 years that I have been here that I wish I had put my roots down elsewhere.

But, complaining won't get me anywhere, so I must figure out how to enjoy the show as Warrior Nobility said.


The reminders of pandemic-driven suffering among students in Clark County, Nev., have come in droves.

Since schools shut their doors in March, an early-warning system that monitors students’ mental health episodes has sent more than 3,100 alerts to district officials, raising alarms about suicidal thoughts, possible self-harm or cries for care. By December, 18 students had taken their own lives.

The spate of student suicides in and around Las Vegas has pushed the Clark County district, the nation’s fifth largest, toward bringing students back as quickly as possible. This month, the school board gave the green light to phase in the return of some elementary school grades and groups of struggling students even as greater Las Vegas continues to post huge numbers of coronavirus cases and deaths.


The demonic global oligarchs love it when people commit suicide. You see in their twisted moral system they much prefer people to "do it to themselves" whether it's suicide, choosing to take the poison vaxx, informing on their own neighbors and enforcing violent dictates on the society they are supposed to serve and protect. When people do it to themselves the demonic rulers believe they lose their souls which they love, and it also validates their world view that people are dumb walking-dead zombies who deserve what the global oligarchs give them. It's a very twisted psychology we are dealing with here that runs deeper than psychopathy. Never forget, these demonic global oligarchs do have a moral code and they believe they are good and certainly superior as do most evil doers.
Strangely enough this was the first part of rvf that attracted my interest this morning.

The goal seems to be mass psychosis where everything is fake, phony and false, as Dave has been saying for the past five years that I have been listening to him. I am beginning to wonder who is really delusional, the men wearing wigs and the women with buzz cuts, or me.

The only thing that is clear and true is what i see here looking out my window, but even that seems a bit fuzzy,

I emailed the training lady at work to ask if I would have to get my 40 hours of mandatory training completed this year since we were still on semi lockdown. Her response was that I should strive to complete my forty and sent me a link to a website called LYNDA. Sounds like a great place to die one minute at a time.

Great action word for the fuzzy. Strive. What does it mean? I had to call my supervisor and ask him if we were living in a soap opera. He said that strive means i should try but was not sure if it really matters. He sounded serious and didn't laugh. He is one dry fish. No black and white answer.

It is hard to focus on fuzz. It seems insane to me.
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For a couple of months I see a trend. It is small, but it saddens me: the trend in which the doctors are called murderers.