Are People Going Insane?

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The only thing you can say is that the state isn't going broke and neither are the cities, even if they are headed that way.

Oh I really like Tennessee as a state. Its fiscally well run, property taxes are next to nothing and everything is can even opt out of the fire department. The countryside is a libertarian's dream, some of the county governments have gone out of their way to say that there are no building codes in the rural areas. I remember some new yorker moved to a country subdivision and was mad that her neighbor was shooting guns in his backyard because "what about the children!" the county mayor told her to move back to new york if she didn't like it.

The roads and drivers are a high health risk though, as are the meth operations and yankee haters in the rural areas. The bugs are really big too.

Best place in the country to be a protestant by far too, Churches outnumber gas stations and well attended.


Too bad you don't know the person. Otherwise, I'd suggest taking a look into his personality. I bet he is not brave in normal conditions either.

I have talked to them a few times before- average people who seem pretty harmless. Not the type I would call upon in any kind of crisis though, that's for sure. To be fair, it was the wife who was masked up, and I think it was because there was some visitors over (still an overreaction in my books though).


Even with trusting in God, I have days where I feel very depressed. I can not imagine going through this without faith honestly.

Even more important than faith is having family and friends around you at this time.

If you have others that you're close to whom you talk to regularly, you're protected from the loneliness of this pandemic....or at least you should be. Now if you're one of the unlucky people who's lost their job from this and have no way to pay your rent or mortgage, then sure, I can understand why you'd want to jump off a bridge. But if you're still working, have others you're close to whom you can gather with, and the only thing different is that you have to sit 6 feet away from strangers at a restaurant, you should be able to weather through this turn of events.


Also, this example of crazy is from March, not from November though.

This guy, 36, attempted to kill his family to save them from the Corona. The extra strange part is that they have sentenced him to life in a mental institution. Seems harsh considering they put most crazy people on pills and release them back into the community.

He's a white male, he's not getting off easy.


I live alone and isolated for most of my life and never really felt even as much as little discomfort from that.

There was one rough winter moment though, over 20 years ago, when I just moved to the States and went to Charlottesivlle, VA to attend the university....My spoken English was really bad and I could hardly communicate with anyone. I was stuck for Christmas in tiny student efficiency apartment complex that was completely deserted, except my flat with window blocked by the staircase. All stores in town got shut down for the holiday, something I wasn't used to and didn't anticipate, and the heating system in the apartment bit the dust. I didn't have a space heater and nowhere to get one. So I was sittting there alone, freezing, without food or heat for Christmas, no car to go elsewhere, no phone/landline or interenet (it was before cellphones and internets time), only an old black-and-wide TV with a couple of channels. I thought I was going to jump the shark.
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Hello all, I am desperately in need of advice. I am posting here because I can't make my own threads yet and it seems relevant to the topic at hand.

I have a 5 year old daughter whose mother I share custody with. Over the last several months her mom and her mom's boyfriend have been promoting transgenderism to her. They have made her think that she is a boy. They always dress her up in boy clothes, they cut her hair short without my approval, they call her by a different name, use different pronouns with her, and they tell her that I am simply unenlightened and don't accept who she "truly" is.

I do not receive support from any body. It seems that my daughter's kindergarten is more than happy to refer to her by different pronouns and by a different name and praise her clothing choices. Therapists in my state are very "open minded" to this sort of thing.

I wish I was making this up because it sounds like a meme but this is 100% real. It is causing me and my wife great anguish every day to see what is happening to my daughter. I have prayed to God every day for help. I tell my daughter that God created her as a girl and that to be a girl is a wonderful blessing only for her to return to her mother where she is filled with transgender propaganda of the most sinister kind. She is now living life as a girl with me and as a "boy" with her mother. Such a thing must be immensely confusing for such a young child.

I wonder if I am being punished me for my sins. For sure I have sinned many many times in my life. I have made many mistakes. I beg God for mercy every day and ask Him to show me how to help my daughter but sometimes it feels so hopeless. I feel like the entire society is determined to turn my child into a transgender.