Are Pickup artists merely "Simps" in Denial?

The Beast1

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Funny how PUA can lead to God. Maybe all paths lead that way. I think PUA discussion is ok here. It lead me to Roosh long ago. I even purchased his books.

PUA, it is an empty path, but looks so fantastic from the outside. At least, it looked good to me.

I am glad I learned Game and upped my SMV. But glad I didn't walk the PUA path and instead married and had kids.

I am so lucky I married when I did. Good women really have become impossible to find as you get older. I see the dating sphere and it terrifies me today. If I lost my wife i'd be lost.

I wish I didn't spend so much time trying to do pickup. Then again, it lead me to self improvement which lead me to God so I can't hate it. What looked like a dead end ended up being salvation.

The lost time is what hurts the most.