Are they trying to ban the Bible in California?


There have been several articles in the US and international press & posts on social networks suggesting that there is a practical attempt to ban the Bible in California. Two years ago there were rumors rejected at that time by "fact checkers" on the same idea Here. Is there an overton window in motion?

a list press articles below:
In 5-4 vote, Supreme Court lifts California’s COVID ban on group Bible study in homes

California Governor's Ban on Worship and Home Bible Studies Faces Legal Challenge

Church Sues After Newsom Bans Home Bible Studies: 'The Governor Is Not the High Priest Over All Religions

what's going on there ....

Marxism Turning California into a 21st Century Ghost Town

How California Is Turning Into a State Governed by Identity PoliticsWhat's going on there?



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I wouldn't read too much into this as some kind of spiritual movement against Christian practices (disclaimer: not a Christian).

States like CA and other deep-blue states are way more anti-freedom compared to the rest of the USA.[*] Things like COVID and anti-discrimination are used as justifications by those in power to intrude into people's homes and small businesses.

[*] Moral objections aside, things like legal marijuana (or even legalized prostitution, as a hypothetical example) do not even come close to compensating for these states' high taxation, restrictions on self-defense, restrictions on housing development, etc -- issues that affect the everyday lives of most people, especially the productive middle-class taxpayers who can afford to travel in order to engage in vices.