Are Tinder & Hinge no longer usable due to scammers?

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For the past year or so Tinder has become hijacked by scammers who post professional model photos. I've been unable to get any average real women in my queue for the past year. Something similar is happening on Hinge, where my queue is completely empty. I have the gold plans on both so I can see who likes me. I'm not sure these apps are used by real people anymore, are they history at this point?
Guess it depends on where you live. I don't see that many fake profiles on my Tinder. But while it's possible to get dates and all I suppose the chance of finding a wife-able woman on the app is about 0,5%, at least in Western countries.

I have seen a significant drop of quality in this app though. A match back in 2015 actually meant something, today not so much.
Tinder today is 99% hot guys sleeping with average women. If you don’t get any matches it’s because you are not in the top x%, you are below the threshold. Sorry. x was like 20%(a year ago), ~10% now, 5% soon.

If you still want to use tinder, make sure your profile is in the top5%. Use a professional photographer, use a professional photoshopper etc. Your pickings will still be small, but that is the only way to play the app nowadays.


What about regular dating, rather than the casual sex scene (which is too competitive for most men)? Is that still a thing? I was told Hinge was more like it, but my queue is empty on Hinge. I have good photos. My feeling is the market is completely on pause right now, for unclear reasons, and has been since roughly 2019.


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Tinder is used by many, I'd argue it is the most popular one. Problem is as you have noted that it is flooded with spam/bots, fake accounts, catfishes etc. which has weakened it. It is not that you need to have a top notch profile to get results, but equally that you have a credible profile. You can get that by verifying your account, have multiple pictures, a bio, link to other social media. I red this article where an attractive late 20s guy used to get 150+ matches over a 3 month period back in 2013, and with the same account today(same pictures, age etc) and same geo location rendered in around 15 matches over 3 months - a massive difference. If things are not working, don't keep beating the dead horse.


As someone who once “religiously” used Bumble, Tinder and Hinge while wife-hunting (and who would settle for meaningless fornication along the way)'re not alone in realizing that the odds are simply not there. I’m actually surprised to hear that Hinge is bad, because before I stopped fornicating and switched to more wholesome dating apps (more on that in a second) it seemed like it had a lot of potential.

Assuming you are putting God first (which I definitely wasn’t when I was lamenting the lack of quality women) then there are two websites I can personally vouch for. Attractive ladies in a sea of chubbies, actual women seeking something real and less “games”...seriously, basic masculinity is all you need. The only catch: you have to be willing to wait until marriage and be sincere in your faith. Check out Catholic Match and Christian Mingle (recommend you pay the fee since it really helps weed out the spammers or flakey chicks). Obviously there are girls on there where the moral caveats I stated are not the case, but if you are willing to set a large range limit there’s no reason you can’t find someone.
Normally I wouldn’t post this since I already shared this in another post but your gripes are pretty much verbatim what I used to say. Good luck and may God bless your search!
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