Asha Logos - Fast rising 'right wing' podcaster and YouTuber


Hi all,

Just thought I'd let you know about a fast rising up and coming YouTuber and podcaster - Asha Logos.

Interesting ideas on a range of topics, runs a 15min weekly Podcast ('In Pursuit of Clarity' available on iTunes and his website) and has a series of (long, 45m-1h+) YouTube videos.

There has been some minor mention of him in posts, but I think he deserves his own thread. Take a listen and you'll see why.

His new website

One of my favourite youtubers and I absolutely love the production quality of his videos. They emanate some kind of peace and tranquility. Also, they bring you back in touch with your ancestors and history, at least for me.

On the other hand I am never really sure if his "Subverted History" series is total bullshit because it goes so against the contemporary picture of history. Which probably means it is true.

This one is my favourite:


I agree, he is very calm, rational and well spoken.

Here is a good episode to start with:

In Pursuit of Clarity, Episode #22:
From Teacher's Pet, to Globalist Pawn - An Archetype Examined

I wanted to examine the type of individual that acts as the unthinking, and I fear in many cases uncaring, machinery, that has acted as the fuel serving to propel the status quo machine forward.

Consider further just how easily the relatively high-IQ imports from India, China, etc, might fall into this mode of thinking and being (through no fault of their own), and consider that perhaps this is yet another benefit consciously grasped by those who so aggressively push for a replacement workforce in this nation and beyond.


The series isn’t bullshit. There’s some level of uncertainty as to how important the empire he discusses actually was, but stuff like the goths isn’t. I remember reading about some of it as late as growing up in the 90s. Granted I was homeschooled but that education was massively classically focused to where I’d read more of the foundational Western literature by age 10 than your typical student in the US has by the time they complete an English degree.


Saw this thread about a month ago and I've listened to most of his content since then. I especially enjoyed the 'subverted history' series. His research filled in some gaps for me, and pointed me to some sources I hadn't known about, as I've been a student of the history of the Schithians for the better part of a decade now. The presence of European and Middle Eastern influence on what we call the native cultures of the Americas is obvious.

His 'a call for...' series came off as a bit idealistic, bordering on naive at times, but hey, I don't have to agree with everything and I am certainly no authority.

In short, he has some good content - highly recommended.


He had a documentary on Germans and said they only became a nation recently, but this is incorrect.

In 481, Clovis the 1st leads the Frankish Germans in conquering land and establishing the Empire of Francia, also known as France.

In 770, the French invent the malt mill which enables them to mass produce malt, making France one of the most industrialized nations in the world.

In 800, Charlemagne unites the other German kingdoms and establishes the 1st German Reich or 1st German Empire which lasts until 1808 when it is conquered by Napoleon. The last emperor of the 1st Reich, Francis the 2nd surrenders unconditionally after Napoleon occupies Germany.

In 830, the grindstone is invented in Germany. This is a machine that rapidly sharpens blades and other metal items, enabling them to be mass produced. The Germans eventually power this machine using animal mills, watermills, and windmills, resulting in the creation of the 1st blade mills and tool sharpening mills, making Germany one of the most industrialized nations in the world.