Attack on Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines


Russia may be playing chess, but the Europe/USA seems to be playing checkers.


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Blinken was a chew assigned to taking down the Russian pipelines over 30 years ago. Collectively, as a race, this kind of planning and discipline is impressive. But the fact that they sit there, endlessly scheming of ways to ruin others for their own profits, means they will always be incompatible with civilization and the kingdom of God.

Yet more evidence they want to conquer Russia to claim its riches for their own.

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Russia claiming that Nordstream 2 has one remaining pipe that may be reparable.


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Reuters, which I thought was globalist-controlled, is straying from the party line:



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Reuters, which I thought was globalist-controlled, is straying from the party line:

Doesn’t seem to me it’s straying from the party line. Had they reported this plane flew around the area hours before the burst, that would be interesting. The plane flying by after the burst can be explained as doing reconnaissance after the burst. They’ll probably later claim something stupid like this plane spotted Russians fleeing the scene of the crime.

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I don't think it's the case that they want to hide who did it, in fact they seem to be basically implying it without saying it outright. They're letting people draw the obvious conclusion. The reason, I suspect, is that they can then do a "retaliation" on U.S. infrastructure and blame the Russians for it.


It is only the thin veener of "democracy" (i.e. common people being convinced by propaganda to accept their chains) that is keeping the oppressed Europeans in check. No matter how many military bases the USA has in Europe, it would be powerless to occupy Europe if it rebelled against its rule.
I mean they're using the same shaming and wokeism techniques they used during the pandemic. Truly the most potent weapon I've seen so far. Just like people were fine with dying of the side effects, as long as it meant someones grandma gets to celebrate her 95th birthday, they are now fine with starving to death, as long as it means people in Russia won't be able to eat at McDonald's.