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Seeing there is a must read book thread, what are some must listen to audiobooks?

The ones I listened to that I recommend is Gilgamesh spoken by George Guidall and currently I am listening to Willpower read by Denis O'Hare.


guess it depends on what genre you're looking for?

I don't do audiobooks too often but I was on an 80's kick a while back and listened to Stephen King's IT, read by Steven Weber. If you like horror stuff I'd say check it out. The voice Weber generates for Pennywise is great.


In general really, I think the forum would benefit having an audiobook thread.

Audible is having a 2 free audiobooks deal when you start a free 30 day trial with audible. Might as well take advantage of it.


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Just picked up 18 and Life on Skid Row by Sebastian Bach last night. Never really listened to his music, but that doesn't get in the way of a great rock autobiography. His reading of the book is fantastic and the stories he tells are fascinating. Picked it up at midnight last night, and listened for three hours straight, a rarity for me. By the way, you can pick up Audible credits on Ebay super cheap. Picked up 24 for $50, only to find out I can only keep 6 on my account at a time when my membership rolls over. Having to pick up 19 audiobooks before Christmas, can't say I'm too unhappy with that situation!

EDIT: Also used the promo code NEWTRAVEL to get 3 months of Audible for $1.99 each. Thought you guys might be interested in hearing about it.


Recent Audiobooks I've listened to not in particular order;

The Confidence Gap - A different method compared to current self help books on how to be confident. It is more about being mindful, being aware of the thoughts that you have and how to use fear as a tool to overcome your apprehension. Really good book, would recommend.

Relentless - Talks about the relentless of Kobe, Mcgrady and other sport professionals and how the trainer thought them different techniques compared to conventional wisdom in basketball. Decent if you are wanting to listen/read a book that shows you the amount of work required to be successful.

Who Rules the World - By Noam Chomsky, entails about what the US has done and how they "control" the world. Quite repetitive, decent book.

You are a Badass - Quite good advice, self help mantra but does give good tips that has helped me. It is by a chick, if you can get over the initial stages its a good listen.

The Art of Mingling - Decent but the narrator is annoying as fuck, probably has good info but couldn't get past the first 15 minutes. Did learn one tip though, so may give a chance later on.

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Check out for your audiobook needs if you don't have issues with torrents. Selection is pretty good.

For recommendations, if you want fiction books I recommend the Mitch Rapp Series by Vince Flynn. I don't read all that much fiction, but these are by far my favorite. There were quite a few in the series narrated by George Guidall, who does a very good job.

General Mayhem

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How to Argue and Win Every Time, Gerry Spence. Spoken by Gerry Spence. It's wonderful.
Thanks for recommending this. It was great. A lot of the things he talked about are applicable to a lot more than just arguing.


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Paracelsus said:
How to Argue and Win Every Time, Gerry Spence. Spoken by Gerry Spence. It's wonderful.
I bought the paperback - haven't read it yet. Guess I should've bought the audiobook.

My Top 3 Audio Books of All Time:

Shoe Dog - the memoir of Nike founder Phil Knight. The narration and story is so good I listened to it twice. Lots of lessons about life, culture, business and entrepreneurship with humour sprinkled in. Pretty interesting to hear about his early days of world travel too before starting what would eventually be a multibillion dollar company, as well as the obstacles and failures he overcame to build the business.

When I Stop Talking, You'll Know I'm Dead - narrated by Jerry Weintraub himself, who talked his way into taking Elvis on tour as a 26 year old nobody. The book is filled with anecdotal stories from how he grew up in the Bronx, and as a self-made man became a Hollywood power broker and producer. He's rubbed elbows with celebrities, politicians and some of the most well known stars of different generations. His stories are highly entertaining and filled with life lessons.

Extreme Ownership - narrated by legendary ex-US Navy SEALS Jocko Willink and Leif Babin. These guys are true badasses and their book is filled with real life lessons and stories from SEAL training to the Battle of Ramadi during their tour of Iraq. Their take on business and leadership are invaluable.


Radio station selection where I live is pretty shitty, and I'm just not eating the cost for satellite radio subscription. So in the car I'm listening to audiobooks and podcasts via a memory stick in the USB slot in my radio.

If you'd like to learn or listen to lectures about a subject I highly recommend The Great Courses.

They have both audio and visual courses of anything you'd like to learn about. History, science, literature, culture, and even practical stuff like accounting or cooking.

The prices can be hefty for some of the longer courses-- up to $100 - $300, but you get a lot for that price, especially if you've bought a video course. But most of the audio courses are less than $100. Now you can find many of the courses on the internet for free if you go digging, but I always like to go buy a course legit if I enjoyed it. Plus they have sales on all the time that drastically reduce prices on certain courses-- sometimes all the way down to $10-$12.

I heartily recommend any of the courses taught by Daniel N. Robinson in psychology and philosophy and Elizabeth Vandiver in ancient Greek and Roman culture. They also have a course on learning ancient Greek that is great for anyone who is interested in doing that.

One downside: some of their science courses are fouled with leftist horseshit. The contemporary official narrative pseudo-science Marxist-Lysenkoist bullshit that race doesn't exist features in a couple of their biological courses and they have a couple lectures that take man-caused climate change as a given.

Overall, it's worth a look.


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I love the rendition of Thus Spoke Zarathusthra from this website:

It's free and you can find a mixed bag or other works in genres similar to classics or philosophy.

They are all narrated by the same guy and I think he does it as a hobby. Great quality and free, although for some longer works you have to download chapters separately. Not a big deal.

Since it's just one guy, there isn't a huge catalog of content, but he puts his effort into each book and seems to have chosen works that I think a lot of us will enjoy.


kinjutsu said:
World War Z.
The audio book is wonderfully acted by professional actors.
I am listening to it right now, and holy crap is it good. I wasn't expecting the book nor audiobook to be decent, but I am shocked how talented the actors are. They even have accents for the appropriate places too.
I just started listening to Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future and it's been really good. There's a lot in there about how hard he works and what he did to be successful.

For example, when he was in college, him and his brother would read newpapers and call up important or interesting CEOs or thinkers mentioned asking if they wanted to chat or give any advice. Most of the time they were turned down of course, but they were still able to meet a couple notable figures for lunch and learn a lot from them.


The Civil War: A Narrative by Shelby Foote.

This is a 3 book narrative of the Civil War written by a novelist with amazing story telling abilities. I finished listening to Part 1 last week which covers the period from early 1861 to the end of 1862. Part 1 is over 43 hours.

I started Part 2 this week which covers the events of 1863. Part 2 is over 53 hours.

Highly recommended for anyone looking to be entertained while learning about this pivotal time in American history.


I recently listened to Robert E Howard's Conan the ciminerian Narrated by Finn J.D. John. Great intro to the Conan series!
I like to find history audiobooks related to my trip I am taking - for example "Champlain's Dream" when going up into the northeast US and Canada. Then I get a more spatial sense of where the events occurred in relation to towns, rivers, mountains, etc.