Australian government has gone tyrannical


Should've pointed out that some of the Victorian "omnibus laws" that were to be introduced, that basically amounted to Soviet-style arbitrary arrest of people who """officials thought would refuse to quarantine""", have been dropped: (linking to so not to give the Age [favourite paper of the Left in Victoria] clicks)

The law also originally said anyone could "suspect that someone was refusing to quarantine", but that part's been dropped too.


Here's a video about the recent federal budget and its relation to the jew flu bullshit:

We need to petition Clive Palmer to import a couple million doses of Sputnik V.
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It's not all bad... :sneaky:

Plus, they failed to stop the bill that makes frivolous university degrees cost more. Bonus.
Ok, I will take your word for that, not living in Aussie myself. Seen some stuff from Melbourne that looks pretty bad though
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Ok, I will take your word for that, not living in Aussie myself. Seen some stuff from Melbourne that looks pretty bad though
EDIT: think I replied to the wrong one. Please disregard as I don't seem to be able to delete
It's all a bit of a Clown Show down here either way.

While the party in power in Australia (Liberal Party) are the equivalent to the Establishment Republicans in the U.S.
IE. supposedly conservative, yet globalist minded.

This effort on their part of make social studies & humanities degrees more expensive, doesn't fit with the gradual globalist plot to subvert the West.
Yet that same Liberal party will happily join in for bullshit globalist wars or promote the plandemic...

Never mind Australia's attempt to fence ride between China & America...


Australian Minister of Health: "Covid World, a New World Order"

Many corona infections occur at home, a health minister in Australia recently warned. Does the state want to intervene even more strongly in the private sphere? What comes next is even more shocking: He speaks of a "New World Order".

An Australian press conference was broadcast on Sky News. In it, the Australian Minister of Health of New South Wales, Brad Hazzard, explained that Australians are no longer safe at home because they could become infected there:
"Home is the safest and most dangerous place to be.
With which measures the government intends to intervene in this "dangerous place", the home, is currently still unclear. Australians now fear more for their privacy.

This video heats up the minds:

Im not happy with your compliance, your home is dangerous, it’s all for the new world order!
— Luke Rudkowski (@Lukewearechange) October 8, 2020
"This new world order, this new Covid world..."

Then the minister explains: "We must treat this new world order, this new Covid world with special care and caution.

Dangerous place? In the Australian state of Victoria, citizens were already under strict house arrest. They felt "treated like prisoners" by their government.

Many Australians are outraged. Why does the Minister of Health speak of a "New World Order"?
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A couple of days ago, Peta Credlin (Sky News host) also asked Andrews some tough questions regarding hotel quarantine:



The new rules on face nappies (that they have to be "properly fitted" and "cover your nose and mouth") will come into force today. I guess it's to stop patriots wearing skull masks or masks with messages such "CV19 IS A PAEDOPHILIC HOAX" and stuff like that. (linking to so not to give the anti-Australian ABC clicks)
I've been getting concerned emails from Australian readers. Looks like they will be the test case for total tyrannical control, starting with mandatory vaccines.

They also plan to use "high powered" drones to find people not wearing masks and cars "too far from home."
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