Australian government has gone tyrannical


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Posting here so more see it - an open letter to the NSW premier written by a ROCOR deacon with the blessing of his bishop against the vaccine and the covid regime. I hope this may be of use to some of you.


Rest of the letter in the Orthodox Ethos link.
Brilliant letter, thank you so much for sharing mate. As a health care worker in Melbourne where undoubtedly the mandate is about to strike, I intend to edit portions of this letter and submit it (along with a lot of other documents), to my employer when the time arrives.


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Snitch set her Twitter page to private.



My mom is a typical American voting liberal, worked in public education for 20+ years. Through her experience, she actually AGREES with me on most red pill type of thought, yet STILL, she wouldn’t vote conservative if you held a gun to her head. She thinks conservatives are some caricature of a 1920s industrialist smoking a cigar in some dimly lit lounge, telling their factory workers they can’t have Christmas off. Democrats could literally conduct public executions and child rape and she would still vote for them because of some feel good bullshit.

Women's Suffrage.


@Gazza glad to hear it may help, here's another letter for you Aussies from the Serbian Orthodox Church in Australia & New Zealand. Including PDF in case censored.

“But He answered and said to them,
I tell you that if these should keep silent,
the stones would immediately cry out!” (Luke 19:40)

To Whom It May Concern,

I am compelled by my conscience as Bishop of the faithful entrusted to me, to address by way of this open letter my deep concerns regarding the situation our Nation has spiralled into during this current health crisis, which we fear is becoming more of a crisis of humanity than that of health itself.

The Latin proverb Homo homini lupus est, "A man is a wolf to another man," has tragically found its new form and expression in today’s crisis as: Homo homini virus est!

Man has become a virus to his fellow man in this ever-changing world and dystopian looking society. This is not hyperbole; it is happening right now around us. Just look at our workplaces, formerly places of collegiality and friendship, now rapidly digressing into segregation, suspicion, bullying and ridicule of those who have not yet received the green tick!

A vivid example of this was presented to me by one of our faithful in possession of a medical exemption, who has been labelled a health risk by their colleagues and has ever since been treated with contempt and discrimination, as if they were a leper, a walking virus.

This type of behaviour would previously be deemed unacceptable, however in the ‘new normal’ of today’s dystopian society it is subtly encouraged through media hysteria which is fueling mass psychosis, in which fear and anxiety, mistrust and segregation have become the new Gospel!

The policy of “no jab, no job”, has had and continues to have an impact on the well-being and mental health of many who feel that they have been pushed into a corner and forced to take the vaccine without the right to informed consent and right of conscience. This should not be happening anywhere in the world, especially in a democracy such as Australia. People have a legitimate right to be concerned and to ask questions regarding these particular vaccines, as they are still dubbed to be in their clinical trial phase, as recently stated by the Australian Minister for Health.

These measures, or workplace policies, have created many social and existential anxieties that have impacted the community.

No blackmail or coercion, including that of vaccination is morally acceptable. Without freedom of choice there is no humanity.

Orthodox Christianity professes that the human person is created in the image and likeness of God and that the central quality or attribute of this Image is the gift of free will, the ability to make an informed and free choice.

For example, following Christ in the Orthodox Church is ontologically significant because following Christ leads to formation, i.e., human transformation and completion = perfection = salvation. However, through the lens of Orthodox soteriology this is a synergetic act(ion) which entails a free disposition on humanity’s part. Christ himself says: “If anyone DESIRES to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me” (Matthew 16:24). Christ leaves us with a choice, does not cancel out human freedom to choose, does not impose salvation.

St Iranaeus also echoes this:

“…because God made man a free agent from the beginning, possessing his own power, even as he does his own soul, to obey the behests of God voluntarily, and not by compulsion of God.
For there is no coercion with God, but a good will towards us is present with Him continually. And therefore does He give good counsel to all. In man, as well as the angels, He has placed the power of choice…”
St. Iranaeus, Against the Heresies, IV, 37, I

This should not be equated with an anti-vax position, but rather one of informed consent, also considering any ethical concerns that those of faith might have.

Orthodox Christians, for example, have a moral issue accepting vaccines that have been developed from cell lines that were obtained from tissues harvested from aborted fetuses. The issue of ethical concerns for such vaccines was raised last year by some of the major Christian jurisdictions in Australia, such as the Roman Catholic, the Anglican and Greek Orthodox Archdioceses.

Therefore, the moral concerns of Christians should be taken into consideration, as they are not simply subjective views, but derive from the fundamental positions and core beliefs of the Church.

That is why our faithful may appeal to this, our Archpastoral letter, and other statements of the Orthodox Church as to why they are unable to receive these particular vaccines.

I would also like to mention as a great concern the alarming prospects of the introduction of Vaccine Passports. I believe that this will lead to a two-tiered society, it will divide people, families, and friends and will provide a basis for acts of discrimination and ostracization.

In relation to this, media reports have also mentioned that “Churches will be required to use Vaccination Certificate Systems for Vaccinated-ONLY Worship”?!?

This is totally foreign to the Spirit of the Church, to the ecclesiology, the Holy Gospel and Tradition of the Church. We could never accept or adopt such a practice! It would entail discrimination against those who are members of the same Body, The Body of Christ, His Holy Church. How can we go against the Gospel? Against Christ who exclaims: “Come to Me, all you who labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest” (Mathew 11:28).

We cannot accept the polarisation of the faithful, it goes against the very nature of the Church and we will not be implementing this system in our churches.

The Church embraces all who seek Christ, those vaccinated and unvaccinated. It will seek to heal a wounded and heavy-laden society, not inflict new wounds and burdens.

I pray that Christ illumines and heals us all, this society immersed in the darkness of sorrow and anxiety, that we may perceive our fellow neighbours, not as a virus, but as those fashioned in His image and likeness.

With Archpastoral love and blessings,

+ S I L U A N
Bishop of the Metropolitante of Australia and New Zealand
The Serbian Orthodox Church
I'm glad to see the Church in Australia starting to stand up, maybe we'll see some big voices in America now that things are getting worse.


  • Serbian Orthodox Church Australia and New Zealand - ARCHPASTORAL REFLECTION ON CURRENT COVID C...pdf
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Towards the end of the clip you posted the presenter actually debunks the claims that they are actors.

I still think they are actors and bad ones at that, especially the woman and the man with the beard. They look and sound perfectly healthy.

The use the same tactic in the UK by hiring actors to say: "Oh, I wish I was vaccinated." Cheap tactic.

Intel are running out of tricks, it seems and now copying each other.

Posting partial clips online, without context, which is what whoever it was posted the original clip you linked to did, doesnt help matters for us at all. That clip was from a TV show attempting to debunk the debunkers, purporting to show that these were NOT crisis actors and that the widespread accusation that Covid crisis actors are omnipresent is nutty, tinfoil hat stuff.

Posting a clip online declaring “CRISIS ACTORS BUSTED!!” when the clip is really from a news show that’s arguing the exact opposite is either a stupid, self-defeating strategy or it’s a psyop from the enemy.

As alluded to.
My surprise wasn't the use of 'crisis actors'. That's nothing new...
My surprise was a professional TV equivalent of Snopes exposing crisis actors.
Or at least; the idea thereof.

Yet no sooner had I posted initially, then that hard edit in the first clip, along with that presenters usual smug style, made me think twice.
So sure enough.
Not surprising that Media Watch would intend to promote Plan-demic propaganda.

Media Watch is the type of pedantic TV show whereby if someone claims - "Ramone Khoury is a crisis actor."
Media Watch will pedantically point out that the actual chick on camera is one 'Ramone El-Pashar' & not 'Ramone Khoury'.

Yet Media Watch won't dare or bother to investigate whether Ramone El-Pasher is also a crisis actor.
They'll only go so far as to promote or preserve the Fake News Narrative.


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@Gazza glad to hear it may help, here's another letter for you Aussies from the Serbian Orthodox Church in Australia & New Zealand. Including PDF in case censored.

I'm glad to see the Church in Australia starting to stand up, maybe we'll see some big voices in America now that things are getting worse.
Many thanks.


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I'm going to be honest. I'm starting to consider taking the vax.

I'm still massively against it
. But if I get first two jabs I can book a flight out of this country. Then I can move to Sweden and I can avoid any future lockdowns or mandatory vaccine boosters.

Massively against it but starting to consider taking the vax.
Massively against biting into that fruit from the tree in the middle of the garden, but starting to consider it.


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I'm going to be honest. I'm starting to consider taking the vax.

I'm still massively against it. But if I get first two jabs I can book a flight out of this country. Then I can move to Sweden and I can avoid any future lockdowns or mandatory vaccine boosters.

Learn how the system works.
Then you'll learn of the inevitable flaws in the system; which can then be exploited.

As of now for example.
The minimum wage flunkies at the front of a retail outlet expect to see a 'big green tick' on a 'stupid' phone.

Show them a screenshot of a QR code 'big green tick' on your 'stupid' phone*, then wander straight into the store.

Untracked (minus general phone triangulation).

Do the same thing with the quack-cine passports.
Show the minimum wage flunky a screen shot of what they expect to see.
Then wander straight on in to the retail outlet...

You're welcome. :cool:

*I trust you don't have any apps installed, & you have geo-tagging / location services turned off correct...?


Don't do it. Charter a boat or something to Thailand!

Thailand and all of SEA is even worse (if you can believe it) than OZ. Check out the escaping from corona tyranny thread.

I'm going to be honest. I'm starting to consider taking the vax.

I'm still massively against it. But if I get first two jabs I can book a flight out of this country. Then I can move to Sweden and I can avoid any future lockdowns or mandatory vaccine boosters.

Is there a loophole to get out of the country? I'm sure you've considered them though but maybe get someone willing to say they're your finance in a foreign country?

The tractor rolls on.

So insulting. "Hey you dumb cattle, WIN BIG if you inject this mystery, poisonous, crap into your arm"


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Latest update from the pastor of the small local church I attend......
“Trust this finds everyone well and encouraged in the Lord.

I have found myself forced to again think through the relationship between church and state. It is a complicated issue, but there are conclusions we can draw based on biblical teaching, and how the Apostles interacted with the pagan state of Rome.

The issue exercising my mind is the extent to which believers are permitted by God to disobey the ‘civil magistrate’, or secular authorities. Based solely on passages such as Romans 13:1–7, we might conclude there are none. However, this is not the only instruction we have on how to relate to the government of the day. Scripture testifies to the Jews' long history of defying the ‘civil magistrate’—with the Lord's approval—whenever the magistrate enacted regulations contrary to the law of God (1 Kings 18–19; Dan. 6). The Apostles also knew from their own experience that the state could be perverted to evil ends. Paul defied the civil authorities when they arrested him for preaching the gospel and then witnessed to the guards while he was in jail (Acts 16:16–40). Submission to the state in Romans 13:1–7 assumes that ruling authorities are, generally speaking, fulfilling their call to protect life and private property.

When the state commands us to do something God forbids or forbids us from doing something God commands, should we disobey? In short, sin does not cease to be sin when we commit it under orders from the civil magistrate. When Jesus' law conflicts with the law of the state, His law always wins. We see this in the New Testament when Peter and John obeyed the law of Christ when the state forbade them from preaching the gospel (Acts 4:19–20). Such civil disobedience was justified because it was the only way they could remain faithful to God’s commands.

Rightly discerning when civil disobedience is lawful is no easy task. Sometimes, the state makes a law that greatly impacts our faith, some would even say is unjust, but they do not require us to disobey God. Our inability to gather during lockdown is an example. But, what about mandatory vaccinations. It’s not the issue of vaccinations that concerns me, but the word ‘mandatory’ because a mandate, a legal mandate by definition, is a coercive act. Given the spectrum of ways COVID is being handled around the world, to mandate is an act that in reality will violate the conscience or at least the moral concerns of many Australians. This hasn’t happened yet in Victoria, but we should think through the possibility.

As Christians, we must always bend over backward to be models of good citizenship. We are to obey the law, pray for our leaders, and seek the common good of society. However, when the demands of God's kingdom directly contradict the demands of the kingdom of men, we must follow the law of Christ. And a final thought is that we should expect the cases where we must disobey the state in order to obey the Lord to be rare. That is the testimony of Scripture and church history”.