Australian government has gone tyrannical


I was in the Philippines when the lockdowns started there on March 15th. They did the same thing... "just 2 weeks". Then another 2 weeks and then another. They're still under quarantine now and in fact getting stricter and stricter. Now they have mandatory face shields on top of the mandatory masks. They closed an entire mall down because of one "case" (I'd bet 1000 dollars that it was a false positive too).

Manila went back on what they call "enhanced quarantine" just last month on August 1st (that means: you're not allowed to leave the house unless you have a pass from the local government, and you're only allowed to get food or medicine, only one person per household, nobody under 18 or over 60).

A friend of mine said in March "they're gonna 2-week us to death" and left. How right he was. That is clearly the plan: keep extending by "just 2 more weeks". And countries who don't resist get the boot up their ass so deep it'll come back out the other end. Europeans resisted a lot and got relatively mild measures by comparison.
They do calibrated lockdowns: enhanced, general, enhanced, etc. And it applies to either the whole capital or specific cities.

The reason for this isn't because they want to do people "to death" but because the country has a major lack of health facilities and public services in general. And the reason for that is ironically the opposite of authoritarianism: for more than three decades the country promoted neoliberalism as espoused by the U.S. and the West. The result is a weak government, high prices, low wages, privatization, and subservience to foreigners. Had they followed neighboring Asian countries they'd be as strong as South Korea by now.


The fact this specific instance is staged is quite likely. They want a big show about the arrest and then the woman later goes on a public show trial about how wrong she was.
Possibly. Or the woman is pregnant, hormonal, and deciding to comply in an attempt to reduce stress.
I always knew Australia was a cucked out loooicense country like broken Britain. It didn't surprise me either that one's livelihood could be ruined over social media posts. What I didn't anticipate was them going full-1984 and not letting you take the next flight out of this country. Been stuck here since April and can't even leave to Canada. Really bad luck actually, the travel ban happened only 1 week before my departure. Called the Canadian embassy and they told me I was stuck. Most Australians are happy with this situation because of the gibs but when that runs out it's going to get interesting.


A trial vaccine for COVID-19 has apparently given a patient Multiple Sclerosis.

The article claims the patient was suffering from neurological symptoms that actually were from MS, but of course this was unrelated to the vaccine.

Do you really think they would have allowed someone with MS to take the experimental vaccine?

How stupid do they think we are?

The participant who triggered a global shutdown of AstraZeneca’s Phase 3 Covid-19 vaccine trials was a woman in the United Kingdom who experienced neurological symptoms consistent with a rare but serious spinal inflammatory disorder called transverse myelitis, the drug maker’s chief executive, Pascal Soriot, said during a private conference call with investors on Wednesday morning.
Soriot also confirmed that the clinical trial was halted once previously in July after a participant experienced neurological symptoms. Upon further examination, that participant was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, deemed to be unrelated to the Covid-19 vaccine treatment, he said.


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Just Victoria. The rest of the country is relatively back to normal.
If they could lie that the China Virus was far worse, instead of the crap quality Chinese product that it is.

The rest of Australia could well have mimicked Victoria...

At least we now know, where the Aus. authorities mindset is when matters get serious. "Covid-1984" indeed...
Just Victoria. The rest of the country is relatively back to normal.
More specifically Melbourne, as apparently lockdowns will be ceased for Regional Victoria from Wednesday on while Melbourne will still be in stage 4 with curfew! Military checkpoints are supposed to keep the city-slickers in.

"Meanwhile, regional Victoria is on track to “significantly” open up over the next few days ahead of the rest of the state.

Mr Andrews said regional Victoria would beat Melbourne at easing out of lockdown, with changes to be made in a matter of days."



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Question is why one city and why this city?
I'm flippant when I say it is the "Portlandia" of Australia.
Yet there is an element of truth to it.

Simply seems to have a greater number of leftist / Green gits than most other Aus. cities.

Perhaps 'they' decided to congregate in Melbourne first to overtake any rationality, then with the intent of spreading out from there.

Perhaps like Portland & Seattle. Cause it is that much further south from the equator, it's a lack of vitamin D.
Resulting in just enough depression & misery...?