Australia's highest paid rugby player refuses to retract "homophobic" statement


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That was a shocker, I guess it is the equivalent of Korea beating Italy at their home World Cup in 2002.
RE: Australia's highest paid rugby player refuses to retract "homophobic" st...

Israel Folau preaches bushfires and drought are God's punishment for same-sex marriage and abortion



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RE: Australia's highest paid rugby player refuses to retract "homophobic" st...

He just signed a contract with the Catalan Dragons, a French rugby league team.


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Rugby league was his original code, before leaving for the AFL, then onto rugby union. Its far more popular in australia than rugby union is, so I don't think its a backwards step.


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It's less popular nearly everywhere else, France included, but like I said, good for Izzy, it's a nice part of the country.


RE: Australia's highest paid rugby player refuses to retract "homophobic" st...

League has Australia's best rugby players of both codes by far. Australia would win the Rugby Union World Cup in a canter if the league players all transitioned to union.

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God Bless Folau.


Israel Folau has courted more controversy by refusing to join teammates and opponents in taking a knee to acknowledge the Black Lives Matter movement in the return of the English Super League.

Key points:
  • Folau has courted controversy since homophobic comments he made on social media led to him being sacked by Rugby Australia
  • His coach said he was free to make a personal choice to stand while team mates acknowledged the Black Lives Matter movement
  • Premier League football matches have seen players take a knee before kick-off, which the Super League wants to replicate
The former Wallabies fullback's Catalans side were hammered 34-6 by champions St Helens in the first match since the competition was halted due to the coronavirus in March.

However, the biggest talking point of the game came before kick-off when Folau remained standing while the 25 other players on the field and the referee knelt briefly at Headingley in the UK.

The Black Lives Matters movement has grown around the world since the death of American George Floyd while being arrested in May.

And all recent Premier League football matches have seen players take a knee before kick-off — a move Super League said they wanted to replicate.


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Seven Polynesian rugby league players from Manly Sea Eagles in Australia are following in Israel's footsteps and refusing to play in the next game. They won't wear the LGBT rainbow jerseys the club is strangely forcing the players to wear. It doesn't look like there will be any consequences for them as there was for Israel. While I have some criticism of Polynesian culture, I have to admire how steadfast they often are in their religious beliefs, and how their communities rally around support their own. Something other cultures can learn from.


Rugby union is pure garbage as a sport. It’s become beyond woke and just ends up being 80minutes of ridiculous penalties. Sad.


The hate fest is picking up. Many "celebrities" in paper basically calling the players imbeciles and bigots etc. Calling for them to be fired. The 7 will not be allowed at the ground in case of violence. Call me old fashioned - it used to be the other way round - i.e. the ones committing or threatening violence are not allowed in sports grounds.


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He stated that all homosexuals go to hell. He was told to retract his comments or face termination of his lucrative contract. He has refused to retract.


This is how it begins... when men suddenly find courage. To prevent it from being contagious, the establishment will levy harsh punishments on men like him, but it won't work. More men will speak out.
What is the rugby players name and handle I want to follow and like his post and share it on my stories too


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Rugby union is pure garbage as a sport. It’s become beyond woke and just ends up being 80minutes of ridiculous penalties. Sad.
Rugby Union is becoming garbage as its so woke and its just constant whistle from the refs you say?

Let's investigate this.

For the guy asking the Australian Player who quoted the bible was Australian-Tongan Israel Folau.

Rugby Union which WAS Israel Folau's sport until they fired him for quoting the New Testament passage saying that ALL sinners (all) are destined for hell unless they are saved by Jesus Christ.
It was the fact that the New Testament listed homosexuality as a sin that got Israel Folau in trouble.

If anyone is interested here is how the (((woke rugby media))) addressed this at the time.
Just listen to well known presenter Alex Payne, famous England player James Haskell and .. er,.. unheard of homosexual "rugby" journalist James Heath lose their minds over Izzy's tweets.
Listen to the outrage.. and the scorn.
James Heath, unheard-of-bloke/Professional-Homosexual: "Thats what I said to Izzy the first time he posted (on Twitter). Why are you voluntarily volunteering information that could cause people harm?" (eh?)

Homosexual journalist Heath tackles weighty theological issues - "He's also got so many followers that he is ultimately encouraging idolatry so.. by his very existence he is causing sin"
His co-panellists weigh in: "yeah"
"yeah we follow the wrong people.. if you're in America you probably VOTE for the wrong people!" (Trump ..geddit?)
"we vote for the wrong people here in the UK as well.. !"(ie: conservative): ha ha ha ha.. ... etc.

Interestingly homosexual journalist James Heath revealed here that he knows nothing about Rugby.
The panel were obediently asking him what about famous players and controversies to which he gave them suitably emotive and dramatic answers. He also tried to explain technical ideas and got himself lost. "um well.. Im probably not explaining it very well"
Revealingly he said that the support of blue-pilled famous Rugby players was important as "If Israel Folau says Im going to hell then I can call up my mate James here who is probably twice the size of him/Folau (there is an awkward second as he has just revealed he has no idea how big Folau actually is - he is the same size as Haskell) and er you know that (adjusting as he was about to suggest that Haskell could easily beat up Christian Folau).. he's on my side but anyway.." Moving swiftly on... The professional homosexual rugby journalist doesn't even know what Folau looks like.

AT one point the panel get so gay and rainbow coloured that they start picking their best looking Men XV and catty homosexual journalist speculates that "Dan Carter must be like a Fish in bed, you know, Im so pretty you'll have to do all the work! ha ha!"
Great rugby analysis.. woke Rugby media.

Folding Pocket productions pretty much manages the media career of this James Haskell with Jewish producer Simon Clancy (nice Irish name there) banning words from their website comments that he thought were "associated with American Right".
He tries to make himself an NFL pundit and has been relentlessly promoting American-Jewish race-baiter RocNation promoter Michael Yormark.
Their big dream is to "find our LeBron" and develop a POC star with which to signal boost CRT BLM issues etc etc and with which to indoctrinate white and black kids.
Folding Pocket? "The group is led by (((Matthew Sherry))) as Chief Executive Officer; (((Gaby Khalastchy))) as Chief Operating Officer; and (((Matt Sayward))) as Chief Strategy Officer."

Israel Folau was fired by Rugby Union in Australia and went to rival code Rugby League in Euope.
Cue working class Lancashire town Wigan Warriors going full woke and arranging a Pride Day festival at their stadium to upset Folau when he came to play them.
Who said its just Rugby Union that has gone woke, eh?

As for this Manly Situation.. Folau's wife Marie Folau was very upset at the soft response of NRL boss Peter V'Landys toward the Seven Manly Players in contrast to how they treated Folau (the NRL told Folau he was "not welcome" when his scandal blew up) and she called both Vlandys and the NRL hypocrites.

"V'Landys said “But at the same time, you have to respect the player’s religious and cultural beliefs. Those players are taking a stance, and they have every right to.”
In response she wrote above the comments: “We’re all human beings at the end of the day ...Umm so what’s Izzy??....A donkey?”
“The hypocrisy (sic) from this man and this organisation @nrl #PeterVlandys What a joke!!!”
Now, the Australian media class are going full Ghost of Kiev with this. They keep posting articles saying that there is a "Fan Backlash" against the Manly Seven.

This is just Lies. They keep saying this. That the fans condemn the players... but actually its the other way around. Read the comments section on any social media, the Rugby League fans are sick of the NRL and sick of this woke garbage.
However this is not the first time that the champagne swilling Aussie Media have proclaimed a spontaneous public movement that didn't exist.
I give you. #IllRideWithYou ..

After a Jihadi Nutter (already known to police) held Cafe Lindt premises hostage and shot someone the (((Aussie media))) already had a campaign ready in case of a likely Terrorist Attack.
But they had presumed that it would be a suicide bombing of a transport hub.
So they had their own pre-made campaign ready to go the moment the inevitable terrorist attack happened saying that Aussies were not scared to travel next to Muslim passengers.
From The Atlantic:

"Little is known about the motives of (Islamic Terrorist) Man Monis.." ha ha ha really?
"On a train, one passenger reportedly spotted a Muslim woman removing her hijab, ostensibly out of fear of being targeted. The passenger told her to put it back on and offered to walk with her in solidarity. And so began #IllRideWithYou." Is this supposed to be a believable scenario? What a load of Lies.
"Tessa Kum, who was credited with turning #IllRideWithYou into a hashtag, echoed that sentiment:" Now, who is operative Tessa Kum?

"I’m learning about hate because I am coming to hate you, white person. You have all the control, all the power, all the privilege, and there is nothing holding you accountable. I hate the double standards and hypocrisy you display, the rank dishonesty of your conduct. I hatethat you can harm us, when we cannot harm you." She seems a nice person..

Kum says:
"It was very much a sort of breaking point for me. I sort of saw another tweet online indicating another woman’s act of kindness [[[Rachael Jacobs]]] and I simply felt that there needed to be more of that in the world." Ahh, zee made up story came from zee jews.. didn't see that one coming!

As one of my Aussie Vet friends called it at the time (when Aussies were very angered by this bogus narrative) #IllGiveYouSexualFavoursCosImTooScaredOfYou ..

@Rush87 You say that Rugby Union mess of cards and penalties for petty offences but then, so is Rugby league these days.
Last season commentator Andrew Johns felt it was too much and walked out of a game.
Here ex-player and pundit Gus Gould kicks off

His co-host Paul Gallen agrees with him. Ridiculous rules and penalties. Its left to the media operative to explain that he spoke to NRL head V'Landys "and he said if we don't do this then the Government will take Rugby league away and ban it!" Eh? What?
Now who is V'Landys?

He likes to make a lot out of his rough tough Greek Orthodox background but he is a Globalist Shill.
He even brought in cashless kiosks at stadia such that parents can't give kids cash to go and get refreshments.
And can we get an early life check?
Because he is reminiscent of supposed True Blue Aussie Digger (((Rupert Murdoch)))

This is just an attack on Australian masculine values by (((The Usual Suspects))).
Gus Gould asks "where did that come from? We were told it was because Mum wouldn't let Little Johnny play, it was about youth participation, then it was about health, then it was about future litigation, now the government is going to ban our sport - 5 reasons in one week.. why? what's the real reason here? This is like the "The Bunker"... the sin bin the attack on referees that happened with Greenberg.

Hmm (((Greenberg))) you say?

"A bleak winter Saturday evening, four minutes into a rugby league match at a suburban Sydney ground, and nothing is happening. The few disgruntled spectators who have come so they can yell at real people, not their television sets, are yelling at a giant scoreboard screen. "Get on with it!" "It's a try, you muppet!"
"Mostly there is silence. The 26 players are also standing around waiting for this decision on whether a try has been scored.
For a century, such rulings came from the referee on the field. Now, it is adjudicated by a team of officials in a multi-screen room in faraway Redfern, Sydney City Centre..
When the decision finally arrives on screen, accompanied by a fried-chicken advertisement, not even the beneficiaries at the ground seem happy. They just want to restart the game and get warm."
"This is the National Rugby League, on its good days the most popular TV sporting spectacle in Australia. On its bad days?
"Greenberg's killing this game," the man next to me says, unasked.
Todd Greenberg, NRL chief executive since 2016, did not invent video refereeing, but he doubled down on it, plunging $2 million into the state-of-the-art Bunker, which commenced operations in 2017.
For many spectators, and league luminaries from Andrew Johns to Phil Gould who have pronounced the innovation a failure, the villain is the "Bunker guy".
"People bag the Bunker," he says, "but this time three years ago you had a single referee with a tiny screen sitting behind us, and this guy [the one with the beer] would have been banging on his window." The decision comes down quickly and accurately. "That was under 40 seconds," Greenberg says, soothed by the warm embrace of good data.
He's a talented cricketer (he played twice at the Maccabiah Games in Israel?) whose life is in football (ie; he's never played Rugby League to any standard), a Jewish boy who cut his teeth at the Canterbury Bulldogs club, in the heart of Sydney's Lebanese community.
This insider-outsider hybrid is where the modern sporting executive has arrived after decades of evolution."
See the change?
"The chief of rugby league has always been the face of the game, though it used to be a craggy, beaten-up one.
Harry "Jersey" Flegg and Bill Buckley were, in journalist and historian Ian Heads's words, "hard-edged, working-class, ex-first graders with a good feel for the game".
At the NSW Rugby League's fiery Monday night meetings at its headquarters in Sydney's Phillip Street, notes Heads, "there were beers beforehand, and when they went into the committee stage, they'd say, 'pens down' but let the media stay in the room."

Now its moisturiser and facial care, perma-tanned Jews.. :/

Oh, and jewish Lobby Groups.
Whats going on in Rugby Union?
James Haskell (owned by jews) mentioned once that he is part of a "lobby group" called "Progressive Rugby."

You can see some top name players of yesteryear on this website and concerned doctors but given the Zionist links of Haskell et al. I'd love to see the organisational staff and donors involved with this.

The extent of Jewish politicisation of Rugby media is getting silly.

Now you might of heard about UK gold medallist Mo Farah and his travails.
Previously living in the US under the training of jailed drugs cheat Nike-coach Alberto Salazar who has been jailed and who says Farah was in on his plans, Farah is facing down the fact that he is a suspected drugs cheat who cheated his taxes and whose brother is a violent thug who beat up an elderly couple, got jailed and was deported.

^Now, above the controlled-opposition mainstream conservatives pretend that this is a saga of real life slavery and a reason to control immigration.
No it isn't.

I don't like Israeli Simon Webb but he did some good detective work here. The Farah foster story is a Pack of Lies.
The whole fostering situation is a scam in which families send their kids to be raised by other families which ensures much better free housing and benefit money. They then divide up the government subsidies amongst themselves. Its a Benefit Scam.
Remember Ilhan Omar? It turned out that she married her brother in a visa scam. then it turned out that her father had a different last name as she had been fostered out to a different family as a visa and benefit fraud. then it turned out that the State Dept had made DNA tests mandatory for Somali refugees as more than 90% who claimed to be related actually weren't.

Christopher Bollyn describes terrorist Israeli power as encompassing the Zionist British establishment.
Here (((Simon Clancy))) has arranged an interview with British stars from the American NFL. Clancy is desperate to find his LeBron, his Colin Kaeprenick and to racialise UK Rugby.
Here the Scots player has fun ridiculing the American Rednecks he met at US high school before we meet the centre piece..
We meet Efe Obada who tells us his tale of woe that he grew up in the UK having been "trafficked' as a child. Apparently he was illegal and lived a life of hiding .. much like Anne Frank.
Former England player Mike Tindall has married in to the British Royal Family.
When Obama says that he lived over 20 years "outside the system" Tindall says "my Royal cousin in law has a charity podcast called Floodlight and she has used it to highlight modern day slavery."
So Britis Royals have podcasts buying into the "oppressed migrant" koolaid. The Jews are fostering rugby media and its being used to push this nonsense.
And look at that Princess Eugenie works with her good friend de Boinville on their "Anti-slavery collective".
Just what we need .. Royal airheads lecturing us about slavery.
Interestingly the De Boinville family were blue bloods who somehow survived the French Revolution and even joined with the new Revolutionary administration and then profited under Napoleon.

And yes NFL player Efe Obada is now the poster child of "trafficked oppressed migrants."

I know plenty of Nigerians in London. Nigerians (like the vikings) have a tradition of fostering their kids out to other families in Nigeria and when they came to England they combined it with Fraud. Even as far back as the 60s rich Nigerian families would even foster their kids out to white foster parents if they had to.
They now foster out all the time from Nigeria as a sound immigration/benefit scam.
Listen to this guy, he couldn't get a job because he was 'undocumented' but he did lots of cruddy jobs like Bingo Halls?
So he could get jobs but .. maybe he wasn't very good at them, maybe he was quite stupid?
He failed the Bookie William Hill's maths test? Seriously, I went with a friend to a William Hill jobs fair when he was on benefits in South London.
Its a simple test with easy maths problems. My friend who was not exactly bright aced it and was told in a cockney accent "You made one stupid mistake there Jack but otherwise well done." Fun Fact: you needed to present your National Insurance ID to even get in that jobs centre.
He claims he did rubbish jobs because he didn't have documents? "I was illegal" ha ha sure, babe.
Translation he couldn't hold down a job.
He was a criminal with a criminal record who got big muscles in jail. What was his crime? He got sent to jail on his first offence? Must have been serious and I can't find details of it anywhere. This guy lived his entire youth on other people's tax money and paid Britons back by committing crime. here he is complaining "I'm not being rewarded properly, Im not being recognised.."
Child-Slave Obada..
He just wants more gibs.
Give me strength.

The rabbit hole of Hebrew control over our media/propaganda-centres extends a long way it seems.