Austria introduces mandatory vaccination for its citizens


Austrians and Germans (who are basically Bavarians so, Germans) showed multiple times in course of history a kind of a dark side of their genetics. I am from the north of Romania , from Bukovina which was part of the old principalty of Moldova and has beeb raptured by Austria in an agreement with Ottoman Empire. in 1774 - 1775. At the end of WW1 in the town of Suceava , former capital of medieval Moldova any Austrian police officcer could hang Romanians just by assuming they want the unification with Romania. Is known also, Austrians have an imperial mentality because of their former empire ( similar to English in this matter), gave a big but well hidden corruption and are more arrogant than Germans. I think God punished them to remain a small nation (8 million people today) for wanting to start WW1 at any cost if their pride wasn`t avenged because of the murder of Franz Ferdinand and for many antihumanitary and even atrocities committed on subjugated peoples in course of time.

I have a similar view of Austrians, especially in Vienna and Lower-Austria. You can see them promenading up and down Der Graben in vaguely traditional clothes pretending that they actually know something about the Operas they pay through the nose to see. Meh!

I think the mountain peoples in Tirol and Vorarlberg are somewhat different as they never actually ran the empire and were dirt poor peasants until the tourist money came in the 20th century. I wonder how they ended up in the same country as the Viennese.

These posts remind me of the Duncan MacPherson incident. In 1989, a hockey player disappeared while snowboarding at a Tyrol resort. In 2003, his mangled body was discovered in the middle of the run. It was concluded by a private investigator that he was injured while falling and then was ran over by a snow groomer. The resort staff promptly buried his body on the spot. The authorities just called it case closed and no charges were ever filed. So I can see what you guys are talking about.
I was thinking the other day that it'd be kinda cool to be forced to do some community service as a "sentence" for being pureblooded, taking out garbage or something like that. If would be a win-win situation for everybody, I guess. The tainted would be happy that the unvaxxed got their due punishment, and I'd get closer to God by carrying my cross and helping the community even if the latter hates me. But you don't know whether taking out the garbage is still allowed for the unvaxxed.
Pretty sure you're still allowed to do peasant slave labor for the wealth class.

Just look at this Pelosi fundraiser where they aren't distanced nor wearing masks, but allow their imported slaves to serve them while masked:




"Vaccination is murder": Responsible bus driver investigated and fired without notice

A bus driver from Austria displayed this message on the electronic display board at the front of the bus. The image got a lot of attention on social media.


Where normally the line number and destination can be read, the slogan "Vaccination is murder" was emblazoned in neon letters.

The spokesman for the transport association, Klaus Wimmer, firmly distanced himself from the statement "Vaccination is murder." He stressed in a statement: "In our company, almost 100 percent of employees are double vaccinated. As soon as there is an opportunity for the third vaccination, we will take advantage of it. The vaccination and Corona protections save lives, and we stand by that."

The wanted driver has now been immediately fired without notice after the crime was attributed to him.

an excerpt from RT-deutsch

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With the incoming law in Austria, why don't they just force vaccinate people, as in arrest and inject them by force? What would be the moral difference between that and mandating it, ie: making it illegal not to have it. Seems a very fine line, but they may as well go the route of brute force if it's criminalised to be walking around without being vaccinated, right?

That's the rubicon that they won't cross though, even though there is very little moral difference.
Because the Mark of the Beast must be taken willingly. Coercion and blackmail still count as willing participation to some degree, but someone kidnapping you, tying you up and stabbing you with a needle doesn't.

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Because the Mark of the Beast must be taken willingly. Coercion and blackmail still count as willing participation to some degree, but someone kidnapping you, tying you up and stabbing you with a needle doesn't.
That's a good point. Note how they push everything our way to make us choose it. That's the crucial word here, choose. Satan knows we have free will.
For some reason this reminds me very much of the ''elite party'' scene in They live. I think they do this on purpose, just to signal to the plebs who are enslaved at home, what you want to do about it? We're standing here having a party, without masks and you're watching, what you want to do about it?
The purpose of propaganda is not to persuade you, but to humiliate and subjugate you; to make you feel powerless.