Avoid all modern Hollywood with the exceptions named in this thread


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Dark City is seriously red pill and there's no diversity casting. Make sure you watch the director's cut as the theatrical cut has a voice over with major plot spoilers.


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James Cameron and George Lucas, I respect both of them for their talent, but my god two comments sum it perfectly:

"A cinema pioneer (Lucas) and an engeneering genius (Cameron) talking about politics like simpletons. They've made some of my favorite movies, but... my God, that's what too many years of never bein' challenged do to your ego. Are we seriously still talking about American imperialism? Does James Cameron know freedom of speech isn't a constitutional right anywhere else in the world, and that many countries (like mine, Italy) were saved by America's intervention? They both desperately need some history and philosophy lessons, but even Jordan Peterson would have a hard time getting inside their thick skulls, at this point."

"Big Star Wars fans, but James Cameron and George Lucas are really a little bit dimwitted on politics and history. Their lack of knowledge and perspective is actually shocking considering their work.
I was turned off by their stupidity as well. Nothing quite like Hollywood calling the U.S. evil colonizers and imperialists."

"And quite frankly, him admitting that he based the Rebels on the Vietcong and the Empire on America made me lose all respect for George Lucas, considering I know far too well what the Vietcong were truly like (they like all Marxists wanted to exterminate any and all religion, and Catholics were a particular favorite of theirs)."

This was the kind of view I held when I was 14 and its like they haven't developed any further. A few hours on 4chan would do them good. Do they know Marx, do they know about Bolshevism?

Makes me wonder that if they were of this current generation and not Vietnam, would they SJW's and be spewing the zombie spiel like countless others about Islam really being peaceful and a pollyanna world just out of reach, only by the grace of god did they miss being born decades earlier.

Like did would ever occur to them that even if you let people alone, there maybe, just MAYBE there is no guarantee that you will left alone aka Islam as an example.


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One of the brilliant films I've ever watched, deserves a mention. Was probably meant to scare people voting for nationalism and a Hitler like character (especially the ending probably the only reason it didn't get banned), but has the literal opposite effect, the actor oozes charisma and presence, this isn't the raving Bruno Ganz portrayal, this was made in Germany using German actors and the language (subtitled), and I am in awe that it even got made. A mockumentary. I saw it on Netflix a year ago, probably still there.

Look Who's Back (2015)

Hitler wakes in modern Germany on the site of his bunker in Berlin and hilarity and thought provoking hijinks ensue. I recommend to everybody reading without reservation. The very definition of I don't know where this going to go next.

I wish it were a series.

Such a breath of fresh air.


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Just watched Bruce Willis in the remake of “Death Wish.” Gotta say, I really enjoyed it. I’m almost shocked it got made by Hollywood today. Central character is masculine and tough and no overt SJW BS. Two thumbs up from me.


Agreed that if you're going to watch garbage, at least don't pay for it. No Netflix, no cinema tickets. But, also, be careful of what you feed your mind with, even as a skeptical/red-pilled person. A stolen candy bar makes you just as fat as one you paid for.


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Richard Turpin said:
Following good recommendations in the thread, I've swapped my daily commute listen from Radio 4 (usual propaganda) to Classic FM and am starting to get an unexpected appreciation for classical music.
If you can bluetooth phone audio to the car try internet station Radio Swiss Classic. The pick of music is the best I have found in listening to many classical stations over the years. No advertisements and minimal talking as they stick to just naming the pieces.

Even better IMO is to listen to the Italian version Radio Svizzera Classica as the language is so beautiful.

Both can be found on all the popular internet radio apps.


Did anyone mention Ex Machina yet? I remember it being discussed here when it came out and recently, years later, I finally got a chance to watch it. Will definitely show it to my son when he's old enough.



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My anti-Hollywood collection is heavy with things fromStudio Ghibli which is a throwback to 1950s Japan and the focus on friendship, family and community is extremely apparent. They're just very touching films.

I've pretty much given up on Hollywood producing anything remotely as deep or thought provoking.
Firefly and Serenity, my highest recommendation:



The Grey

The World's End (2013)
(Suprisingly deep and layered comedy film on aging and nostalgia, standardization of society)
I've grown to like this even more than Shaun of the Dead or Hot Fuzz:


I'm watching Hong Kong films these days. Its not really hard to avoid Hollywood films because there really isn't a single thing that tempts me. Even minus the politics and homo agenda their films flat out suck.

I think the greatest temptation is when you're in a social circle and they want to watch some massive blockbuster like The Avengers and there's enormous peer pressure in addition to FOMO. That's why its important to have like minded friends. If you're friends with obese people and you eat out with them all the time you will become obese, if you're friends with smokers you will eventually smoke.


I recommend watching Legend of Galactic Heroes.

It has good moments like these discussion on Military power and its relation to the people:

Also an accurate portrayal of democracy and its warmongering nature:

Its entire soundtrack is Classical Music.


Agreed on the last air bender. Just finished watching that series with my kids. Avoid the legend of Korra though. That one is garbage v


Avatar, the last Airbender (Legend of Aang) is a very good animated resource for both teens and adults.
Lots of Moral lessons and Life truths embedded in the series.
Currently watching this with my fiancee. It's so nice to finally watch something without an overt agenda.