Avoiding Deep State-Corporate Data Harvesting Datasheet

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Are you allowed to register a domain without real info?

Yes, though I doubt it is kosher. Many years ago I used to have a stable of domains (100s), a network of sites for selling links. I had a script that randomly filled in the WHOIS of new domain purchases (.com, .org, .net, .info) with random names and addresses. I never heard anything about it.

I don't know if this was posted in the thread, but this is a much more detailed article on this topic:


Thomas More

I just had a surprising discovery. Google has an exact record of everywhere I've been, going back years.

I was looking on the map at a business, and it said that I had been there four years ago. I remembered being there about then, but I clicked on it, out of curiosity, to see the exact day.

It offered to show me my timeline, which I clicked on. On the left, it had a list of places I'd been that day, and the times for each place. On the right, it showed the map, with my route of everywhere I went.

I clicked back day by day for a few weeks, and I remember a lot of what it shows, sometimes generally (I was going to that place during that period), and often exactly (I specifically remember going there that time).

It's creepy to know they save all this data. The website says only I can see this data, but you know their profile of me takes into account all my movements.
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