Bald & Bankrupt Gets Corona


Oddly, the video appears to have disappeared from his channel. Hmmmm
Hmm indeed....

bald and bankrupt23 hours ago (edited)
Thanks to everyone who watched my Covid story. I have now deleted the video because it's time to move on from what was a grim month of my life and not be reminded about it constantly. Time to get positive, focus on getting healthy and start planning the future. Also too many nutters in the comment section asking me how much the government/Bill Gates/Youtube paid me to create a fake story because the virus 'is fake'. It sure felt real to me. Hope you all and your family stay safe and well. Oh and don't worry about the Bald
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The other thing that is odd about his channel is its success. I don't begrudge him his success, he's a charismatic, adventurous guy. But I'm a little surprised that there are a million people who want to know about every backwards place he visits, and are willing to settle for his polished version of reality.


I don't think "nutters" is fair:

Make no mistake about it: no matter what your take on the coronavirus pandemic, most people seem to understand that the media is likely making the situation out to be far more dire than it is. And why wouldn't they - most media outlets spend 24 hours a day, 7 days a week of live coverage looking for anything possible to undermine the Trump administration.

As it relates to coronavirus, the media rarely ever offers details when it touts awful sounding things like the "death count". MSM outlets never take the time to detail the age group and underlying health conditions - and even the primary cause of death - behind all of the deaths included in the coronavirus death count. They report every time a celebrity tests positive for the virus, but never cover when someone recovers from the virus. The reporting on the virus is selective, to say the least.

Which is why we weren't the least bit surprised to read that NBC News spent weeks documenting the coronavirus "journey" of one of its contributors with Covid-19 - despite the fact that he never tested positive for the virus!