Banned from Tinder, any bypass?

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Apparently these days it is very easy to get banned on Tinder.

I can even see on Google trends that in 2020, queries like "Tinder Banner" are at their all-time peak.

It seems like Tinder may ban you even if some girl reports your profile for no real reason. here's just one example.

And there's no appeal.
And you can't create a new account, not even with a new number because Tinder are stalking you, it seems like they are banning your iPhone device.
Some people claim they even use face recognition even if you buy a new device :oops:

It has now happened to me as well, and I was wondering if it ever happened to you guys?
If anyone knows how to bypass this (and keep using the same device, not going to buy a new device just for tinder), please let me know, or send me a PM.

It really sucks especially these days during Covid when the only reasonable way to meet girls is online.


I agree it's full of narcissistic women, but within the online dating scope, I still find it to work better for me than any other app.


I'm no fan of Tinder or dating apps in general, but the OP is correct that are virtually no other avenues for meeting single women at this time.

I would just download other dating apps if I were you. There may not be as effective, but it appears to be your only option.


Well, to simply stop using it or to use an alternative is not really a solution.
I'm hoping some tech-savvy RVF'er can point me to a feasible workaround.
It has happened to me twice.

It happened when I trying to login on Tinder from the website on the laptop and was on the phone at the same time and had different IP-addresses due to the VPN, or something. Not exactly sure why but it went away.

I tried to have contact with the Tinder support and they replied to me after more than a month and when I replied to that message they took another 3 weeks to respond to me and eventually I never got a refund or anything.

So I hate myself for going back on there and supporting their crap. It's only this last week where I've met a high quality girl from there who is an exchange student from Latvia but we'll see how that goes.

But I had to buy a new phone anyway and since it's dual SIM on it I just ordered another SIM card and that solved it for me. But if you want to increase your chances of not being banned again because they got some information on you I suggest to change your email and account in the App store you use and the credit card you have (if you have ever bought any additional feature within the app), perhaps a new IP too.

And change the photos too if you want to increase your chances more. If you like me had a bunch of party photos with girls in them and stuff I can advice you to get some new ones anyway. Even though it might not increase the amount of girls you get access to, it will increase the chances of finding someone with better values.

And I've read on some forums where they claimed that Tinder now uses some face recognition algorithm (which would make sense since they at least have one for users to verify their accounts) and that they keep the information for 3 months. So if a banned user tries to get a new account that can shadowban the account almost immediately again. Just a rumour I've read a few times though so don't know how much truth it is to that.

Good luck!
Buy a pay as you go simcard (with internet), and put it on an old phone. Then make a new facebook account, and from that facebook acount you can make a new tinder account.

You may not be able to access your acount from your everyday cell phone, but you can install it in a tablet, old phone, or access it via your everyday phone but using safari in, a bit of a pain, but works.
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