Basic Attention Token (BAT)

Coja Petrus Uscan

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It loos like this was mainly on the Greyscale news that they will be launching a BAT ETN:

So you can expect more upside. Greyscale mercilessly bought ETH last year.

BAT also announced they will be launching a search engine:

It has made it's 17X and change from it's March 2020 low of $0.08.

I use their publisher program and the BAT received this month looks like it will be 2X on top of the 2X for the price.


I switched to Brave a couple months ago. I just realized I had notifications off so I wasn't getting the ads. I turned it on and I got 80 cents worth of BAT on my desktop in the last few days in addition to about $3 worth of BAT on my phone for the last few months of browsing.