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Oh shit, I wasn’t being sarcastic at all (this is the problem with online forums, you have no idea about the tone being used), I am actually pretty impressed with your numbers, keep it up.
pitt said:
Oh shit, I wasn’t being sarcastic at all (this is the problem with online forums, you have no idea about the tone being used), I am actually pretty impressed with your numbers, keep it up.
You're right - tone is completely missing on forums! My bad on my mis-interpretation. To answer your question, yes, I do bet real money on these games.

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Rawthentic said:
NC State -21.5
To win 7.5K
I absolutely respect the courage you have in order to bet such huge amount. Balls of Steele Man :). Also would you have any tips for a newbie interested in betting to eventually have the balls to bet huge like you do?


My advice is the same with betting /investing is to stay small in each bet/position and bet according to bankroll in case you have unlucky streaks or a drawdown.

Size can kill. Keep your bets at a decent size you feel comfortable in. So with losses you live to fight another day.

Congrats and thanks for sharing to all on here. Good luck.


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MMA Tito Ortiz vs Chuck Lidell
Old boys match-up.
48 yo Chuck comes back after 8 years of retirement to fight 43 yo Tito Ortiz.
Tito has had 9 fights since then and i dont see him losing this one, unless its a fix. Chuck`s workout videos has been ridiculed on mma forums, the man looks his age and then some.
As long its not a fix this should be free money. Bet the house on Tito finishing the fight, i threw a few dollars at the fight ending inside 60 seconds too for a cool 15.00 odds.

Won a bit on Ngannou first round knockout and Overeem victory today, but lost a few others so thats about even on the day.

I kinda like Denver +6 vs OKC tonight, Spurs +9 vs Bucks and Pelicans +1 vs Wizards. Watching Dallas line vs Boston. Gonna wait for the lineups before betting, there`s a bunch of GTD`s waiting.


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Easy money as expected. Poor Chuck..
Denver line hit, spurs line hit, switched to wizards when i found out AD didnt play so that one hit. Too bad didnt play the dallas line.
Also made atl madrid - barcelona bet, good day it was.

Today Bucks -5 vs Charlotte, who is on a back to back. Lost with one point to Atlanta last night.
Also Pacers +4 against Jazz
Jazz on a back to back, missing donovan, pacers missing oladipo but miles turner is back, worth a bet
Pelicans only -240 ML at home against wizards Wednesday.

Also on Virginia -4 to beat Maryland. Maryland has been torching people but start 2 or 3 freshmen they should crack against a better team ( I hope).


I dont know where everybody´s at that ppl dont post anymore on this thread?

to re-animate it, here´s my suggestion for today:

Spurs to win @ Jazz , it will give you a 3.90.. and i think Spurs can make it.. would appreciate more Basketball tips here


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FYI Rawthentic scammed me.

I help run a highly profitable betting syndicate that target local bookies.

I spoke to Rawthentic thoroughly and checked out his picks.. and made an arrangement to work together on a risk-sharing basis. He lost ~20k his share first week and then slowrolled me for 2 weeks (giving excuse after excuse) before dissapearing completely...

I would say 99% of touts/picks are fake. The 1% that are real are probably betting huge $ on their plays themselves, are heavily paranoid about ppl figuring out their edge/angle, and would never sell it to public.

Multiple people have met me in RL, been here a long while and have no reason to lie....

If anybody has any local bookies or knows any independent local bookies (not the big sites like nitrogen/5dimes), PM me and we can work something out. Usually I bank the whole action and split off 10-15% (profits) for referral.

Really sucks being stiffed, but dont want the same happening to any of you. Maybe can make some back if somebody has any books for me to play on.....