Berkeley Episode IV: Revenge of the mentally sick.

The good news is that the angry bulldykes and scrawny-armed AIDS-phag manlets reproduce at abysmal rates. If there's any bright spot to be celebrated is that the homo-liberation movement which previous kept these types in the closet and married to a straight partner which they had kids with, now do not have to hide their homo tendencies, which means they breed less. Given enough time with selective breeding of only truly straight men and women, we might be able to reduce the percentage of true phaggots left in society. Ironically, their LBGTQ liberation could ultimately spell their demise in the end. Now we just need to liberate the college classroom from the professors that preach this crap so the straight college kids won't have to be indoctrinated to join in their road to perdition.

Number one bummer

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Well only nine were arrested and all were antifags. The right really didn't have a organized showing outside of the event. This proves that the left is not brazen enough to attack unshackled police that are out in force. It will be interesting to see if Berkeley and the college will shell out 600 grand again when Bannon comes in a couple weeks.
Ring-wing speakers should keep pounding Berkeley with engagements, one after another, after another. Lets eat up that huge endowment and trigger the living hell out of the SJW's. We need more riots, to be honest, to expose just how intolerant the Left really is. I don't wish violence on anyone, but this needs to be blown up so huge that even the Old Media can't ignore it.


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Salon is trying to paint our little Ben as a snowflake:

Ben Shapiro’s Berkeley speech wasn’t met with the violence he expected.

It cost $600,000 to keep Ben Shapiro safe during "free speech" week, but that expense may have been unnecessary.

I guess this is only headline bait, because to be fair to the author, he does mention that the whole reason there was no violence was the massive police presence.

So since the headline contradicts the body of the article, it looks like the assumption, by the focus group people and pollers at Salon, is that its average reader doesn't get past the headline.

I actually thought this was going to be a big deal. Since it's not, there is an entirely different lesson from this event.