Best beard trimmer (for short beards)


The beard trimmer I currently have is from 2010 and is not working properly anymore. I did some research online, but there is just too much choice out there. I found a lot of review sites, but I don't think they are fully objective about the beard trimmers they praise.

Which models do you guys recommend?

I have a short beard which is decently groomed. Like this:



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What's your price range? I own both the Wahl peanut as well as the Wahl 5 star detailer. Both are great although the 5 star detailer is more for cutting closer and lining up the edges nice and crispy. The detailer has 2 or 3 attachments for trimming purposes they are only useful for very short beards.


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The best are always going to be a set of professional clippers like Oster or Andis with short guards, professional detailer and a straight or safety razor.


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For extremely small stubble, use this. Take off the plastic shield on the bottom and it will give you like 0.5 mm stubble.

Its also good for the body so its the best all in 1 out there.

Phillips bodygroomer